OUR Builders Report July 2013

OUR Builders Report July 2013

July 9, 2013 Builders Report Natural Building 0

Another fantastic month passes at O.U.R. Ecovillge, that saw the completion of the turtle house stem wall. Along with the addition of the 8 week Natural Building Interns , momentum was built and friendships made. Their fresh energy and enthusiasm seemed to reunite and spark the group as a whole and production doubled. 36 yards of urbanite was stacked and mortared to create the turtle house foundation and stem wall, in a new hybridized rubble trench system. the timber frame is under way and it’s pier footing layed out and poured to finish floor height.


The Turtle house will be constructed as much as possible out of left over and salvaged materials. This is  an ethic true to natural building that helps to reduce the manufacture of primary goods and keeps items out of the landfill. by partnering with salvage companies and regularly visiting reuse stores, whole homes can be built out of the discarded parts of others, provided on does not care about anonymous uniformity of homes built on matching colour themes and first manufactured products. Natural owner built homes are artistic and sculptural statements of freedom, creativity, inspiration that there owner’s are proud of having help built and shape. From the whacky rainbow whimsical and organically shaped cob home, to the timber framed straw bale japanese style homes, natural buildings run a full spectrum of vernacular to palatial, with the main goal of being environmentally friendly.

The cob is complete in the Zero mile eatery, and brown-coat well under way thanks to amazing guest teachings of Ayla Challenger and Laura Lutrell and there  expertise in natural plasters. All the interns also got to dabble in Tadelakt after  creating there Cobjects and practicing the technique of repeated and tedious burnishing.


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