OUR Building Team

OUR Building Team

November 1, 2013 Uncategorised 0

Things have been happening on the building front. After the internship was over (August 18th) the focus was shifted to the Eatery. This was the project I was involved with last year and it felt good to be back. With volunteers coming from Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Ethiopia, all the cob details got finished. The Saint Michael’s group applied a lime wash over the interior brown coat and it cleaned the interior right up.


The floor levelling crew did an amazing job and Auren Challenger oversaw the radiant floor tubes installed. Everybody came and manned wheelbarrows for the 20 yard concrete pour. The hired concrete finishing crew then went to work. The floor looks as good as any empty canvas awaiting a beautiful etching art project!! The floor looks as good as any Costco store.


Chad Babcock and crew (welcome back Rob Suarez) have been working to get the roof on before the rains. Six solar tube skylights were also installed. Noé (OUR amazing craftsman from France) has been doing a beautiful job on the windows.

The ceilings have all been drywalled, with salvaged drywall for the most part, and taped and mudded in Taj and two coats of clay paint were also applied. The Eatery ceiling is going in the first week of November on the same day as the insulation is being blown in!  Lock up is on the horizon.

All winter preparation is under way. So much to do.
– put the garden to bed
– drain the water lines
– remove all demand water heaters
– tarp the trailers
– EPDM on all buildings
– not to mention FIREWOOD
– seal up the openings for drafts

I would like to thank everyone involved. It is a huge job with a reduced staff but it shows what can happen when people all pull together for a common goal.

By  Patrick Hennebery – O.U.R. Building Team


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