O.U.R. Community Association

Mission Statement:

“To assist in the research and implementation of volunteer and community development that promotes ‘Green Micro-Enterprise’, ethically based/sustainable practices and youth entrepreneurship.”


1. To research and study models of alternative, sustainable patterns of living together in community that are:

· ecologically sound
· economically self -supporting
· respectful of other cultures
· based on universal spiritual and moral principles
· intergenerational
· focused on providing opportunities for youth to actively participate in various leadership and service oriented experiences.

2. To provide training and disseminate information on sustainable patterns of community living. Educational programs will emphasize developing youth’s capacity to lead projects and train others in such areas as the following:

· general environmental practices
· sustainable land use
· organic agriculture
· permaculture planning, and
· cooperative co-existence.

3. To develop a demonstration site that is a living laboratory of cooperative co-existence implementing best practices in permaculture management, ecologically respectful economy and sustainable land use.

4. To serve and interact with local communities and the greater public at large by organizing activities and projects that provide a forum for the mutual sharing of skills and knowledge related to the areas listed above and aimed at enhancing the well-being of all concerned.