OUR Cooperative Report April 2018

OUR Cooperative Report April 2018

Posted on: April 17, 2018

PUPPIES-PUPPIES-PUPPIES and lots of new beginnings…or OUR Coop and more!

by Brandy Gallagher

Well my whole report started out to be about Climate Impacts but after two nights of no sleep….well yeah we have to talk about a whole new beginning for OUR year – as Katara has just had PUPPIES!

2018 has already taken off with a whole new pace for OUR ECOVILLAGE with the United Nations representatives and trainers of the “Sustainable Development Goals” and international Trainer of Trainers coming in this weekend. There is an alignment of vision, values, and possibilities that are leading OUR ECOVILLAGE into becoming more of what we always have been – a space for personal and global transformation. There is a different feel here in the quality of the day. You can sense something potentiated in the journey that has been seeded, tended, and is now blossoming. This is very challenging to describe — we invite you to come and see for yourselves.

After 20 years of living and working together and holding space for 10K interconnections of human beings per year through all varieties of communication and on the land…we notice that all of the reskilling work, traditional crafters knowledge, work in demonstrating policy and new innovations, and the range of learnings related to everything else under the sun which is taught/facilitated here in OUR school…well it all comes down to the person and relationship! One of my old mentors and a major board member of OUR’s for years used to say: “It is not about the Letter of the law…it is about the Spirit of the Intent”. This all to say that no matter what we technical/legal and regulatory/structural achievements we humans seem to create – it all comes back to personal choice of truly showing up in the world to make a difference and to truly create reciprocity within our connection to all other living things. Noticably OUR ECOVILLAGE has been giving and giving to 1000’s of people on a regular basis and something has started to become part of the field of potential as a mirror to that in a whole new way. This magic has to be felt – it is not something which can be talked about in words…we invite you to visit and to bring the best of your heart and mind to the possibilities.

OUR ECOVILLAGE is also giving yet again in a whole new way. We have a year of possibilities so large we are inviting each one of you to simply Make Us a Proposal. If there is something you want us to take on, if there is a project you wish to be part of, if there is a learning which we should have included in the lineup of OUR school…or if you simply want to be part of course/or ? and wish to propose another way than using straight up cash ) – we are all ears!! We ask that you consider how to be “living the new economy” and redefining value beyond using greenbacks/conventional currency…the village has been created this way all along. It is an ever inspiring journey to co-create ways to craft huge magic. SURPRISE US WITH WHAT MIGHT BE EXCITING TO YOU!!

OUR Food Box got bigger, OUR Permaculture Design Certificate course just took on a whole new feature (Starhawk is stirring up a new program!), we are welcoming new residents, OUR children are Thriving!!. and the beautification in the village is shining through. The land is happy!!!

There is also something new in the wind with a new project partnership like nothing we have done before. This is a carrot for you to make sure you read OUR next newsletter. Once we have more solid details we are hoping to share a full structured plan and announcement of what is coming down the pipe for OUR ECOVILLAGE.

Happy spring all – Brandy