OUR CSA Week #18

OUR CSA Week #18

Posted on: October 1, 2020


Hi folks! Here at the farm we feel the season changing quickly.  We have put more food to bed and have less on the field than ever before in previous years.  For your learning (and eating enjoyment) you will see more preserved foods coming on and for the LifeStyle folks who will begin to get some prepared foods as well.  Let us know if you have some special likes – we are in the midst of working with OUR Non-Profit status to upgrade the kitchen and to hopefully prepare over the next while to take on prepared meals and even delivery!  We are looking for partners in this process and welcome all ideas ~

Read on to learn about Permaculture Principles 5 & 6!

5. Use and Value Renewables

By using the power of the sun, the wind, or the water, we can power our homes, grow our food, and regenerate our environments.

Rather than relying on finite and polluting fossil fuels, we should make full use of renewable sources of energy: for example, switching to a green energy supplier – or even generating our own power with solar panels or other renewable infrastructure at home – is something many of us can do to move to a more sustainable way of life.

6. Produce No Waste

Moving towards a zero waste lifestyle means looking at all the trash we chuck out and trying to eliminate it. We can do this by reducing the amount we buy, by buying wisely, by reusing or recycling where possible, by composting, and by working with ethical companies who look at waste throughout the entire life-cycle of their products.