OUR Eco Village’s Eco business invites you to ‘be the change’ AND support OUR.

OUR Eco Village’s Eco business invites you to ‘be the change’ AND support OUR.

November 8, 2014 Gentle Earth 0
gentle-earthGentle Earth Mission: Global warming, climate change and the abuse of our planet by some of us is very real. Scientist are now saying that how we conduct ourselves in the next 10 years will determine the next 100.

We must learn to walk more gently on this planet and Gentle Earth Products mission is to lead the way with a line of extraordinary cleaning and personal care products that leave no trace. They feel good to use and contain only natural and botanical ingredients. OUR concept is “save the bottle and the planet” with reusable bottles and concentrates that save you money.

We are a social enterprise. OUR business is located at OUR Eco Village where Scott Kelly, the founder, resides. Gentle Earth donates a percentage of its revenue to the non profit school dedicated to teaching people how to make this shift in consciousness. By using Gentle Earth Products you are making a simple choice to be the change that is needed in each of us, while supporting the great work of OUR. 25% of all sales from www.ourecovillage.gentleearth.ca go directly to OUR programs so many others can have access to this education. We would like to offer a coupon code “oursustainers” for 10% off your order.

Please support our initiative to bring abundance to OUR and help us go national with our fantastic line of products that leave you with a clean conscience.

Website:  www.ourecovillage.gentleearth.ca

Coupon Code for 10% off your order: oursustainers


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