OUR Ecovillage Blog – Welcome!

OUR Ecovillage Blog – Welcome!

Posted on: October 28, 2010

Hi Friends!

Welcome to the latest addition to the OUR Ecovillage website – OUR Blog. From this vantage point you will find yourself transported deep into the inner workings of OUR Ecovillage’s activities, through photos, interviews and perhaps even the odd video!  The truth of the matter is that there is always more than one (or ten?) things going on at any given moment at OUR little perch on Baldy Mountain.  There is no way that any human could possibly see it all.

And that’s where the OUR blog comes in.  With its keen eye for good photo ops and interesting points of view the blog will bring you – that’s right, YOU, even if you live all the way across the country, deep into the wild and wonderful world of community living.  For example, one week you might get an in depth experience of the natural building workshops, courses and internships available…


Sol teaching cob construction – PDC 2010

Or permaculture gardening with the Master Gardener course for that matter…

OUR Ecovillage Permaculture Garden - Green house

One of the greenhouses at OUR

without having to get your feet wet, or your hands dirty (at least until technical advances in computers allows…).

Or, you might find yourself amongst friends in the middle of a Permaculture Design Certificate course, outside on a glorious summers day while Jan Steinman, the science guy, teaches how to make your own biodiesel…


Jan Steinman teaching alternative energy

and about what it takes to have your own trusty iron steed, like the Veggie Van Gogh (which can take dirty old used frier oil and upcycle it to fuel!)

Jan Steinman's Veggie Van Gogh

Veggie Van Gogh – Jan’s biodiesel van

The blog even has uber night vision, capable of capturing moments such as this…

Sol's Rocket Stove Demonstration - PDC 2010

Sol’s outdoor Rocket Stove demo

… a Rocket Stove demonstration that blew everyone’s minds figuratively and literally! The list goes on, and on from Arugula recipies to Zenning out in the labyrinthe.  The blog is an opportunity for you to chime in with your thoughts, questions and comments about the world of OUR Ecovillage.  So don’t be shy!

OUR Blog and the community here at OUR Ecovillage look forward to sharing a little more with you and yours.  Ya’ll come back now, ye hear?


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