OUR Ecovillage is Hiring a General Manager!

OUR Ecovillage is Hiring a General Manager!

April 30, 2015 Brandy Permaculture 0

We promised transition by this spring and it’s happening big time, and on more than one level. We are so wonderfully busy here on the land right now (over 45 people from 8 countries doing the Permaculture Design Course) that we’re keeping this newsletter short and sweet, just the upcoming events from Satiya and the following exciting updates Rick Juliusson:

The Leadership is transitioning. By the end of June, my 15 months or work as “Transition Consultant” will be completed, and it will be time for me to move on (as it happens, moving to Costa Rica for 2 years to serve as headmaster of Monteverde Friends School). Brandy has also been able to fully return to work in the perfect position for her talents and passions – Education Coordinator. We are right now interviewing candidates a General Manager position to help keep our operations and finances on track. We advertised for someone who “gets” community and permaculture, and also “gets” accounting, leadership, strategic planning and general management skills. Watch for OUR next newsletter to introduce this new team member.

(Please download the full job description (PDF) by clicking on this link.)

In the meantime, exciting things continue to happen at OUR:

The mortgage is more than a dream, it’s on the verge of happening. We’re at the fine-print stage, crossing all our legal t’s and dotting our financial i’s so that we can do this Right and Sustainably.  By the next newsletter, OUR Co-operative Association will likely be full owners of OUR Ecovillage land and buildings.

The co-op is growing. Sparked by this new co-ownership opportunity, new Hearthkeepers have already stepped up to buy shares, finish those houses on the upper side of the property, and prepare to move in.  By the end of this year we should have 2-4 hearthkeeper families fully invested, living on the land, and part of the daily running and enjoying of the community.

Soon you won’t have to close your eyes to envision the new OUR.  It will be co-operative owned.  Governance will be done by a group of committed folk (as always), but with a majority being hearthkeepers who share a higher level of financial investment and are intimately acquainted by living on the land.  And management responsibility will be shared between a group of Hearthkeepers (including Brandy), professionals (especially the new General Manager) and strong team leads (welcome back Elke and CM!)

I’ll be thinking of y’all in my Costa Rican cloud forest, feeling very good from knowing that OUR Ecovillage is in good hands.  Many many good hands.

–Rick Juliusson, Interim Executive Director


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