OUR Education and Outreach Report (March, 2015)

OUR Education and Outreach Report (March, 2015)

March 2, 2015 Natural Building Newsletter Permaculture 0
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA fresh start, a new reality, and in some ways it feels like a new sense of community in OUR world! Last year created the opportunity for huge change; helped OUR community let go of much of what needed to transform and to truly embrace some of the founding principles of OUR ECOVILLAGE in a whole new way…Sustainable Wellbeing; environmental for sure, human/social systems still too, and yep still keeping OUR eye on the economic sustainability–but now putting back in much more body/mind/spirit sustainability!

OUR Education and Outreach work has us already in a process where OUR entire summer is booked with one course/internship/event or another.  Many old partnerships have come back in and a number of new ones have been fully solidified now…and we are working towards more. If you think your organization, school, business, can create mutual benefit and mutual sustaining of mission–we are wishing to hear from you. We have more to offer than ever and the world is OUR oyster (or in OUR case maybe carrot/bean/tomato?) again…we have finally landed so much of what we have worked for with OUR Ecovillage Coop incorporation a many 7 years ago!!

You will see from OUR Acting Executive Director, Rick Juliusson, that we are on the verge of finally obtaining a mortgage for a multistakeholder Coop.  We have approval from two other funders for the mortgage but continue to work with one of OUR longest term grant supporters/award providers–and will release this in full in OUR Newsletter next month (and a major date for a CELEBRATION!!). This is history in OUR making and what so many have worked towards for 15 years…a common space–owned by the common people (us farmers, teachers, food lovers, crafters, systems folks, inventors and children of the future).

One of the partnerships we are most excited about is OUR NEW farm partners/landshare family – Yuri, Luc and Ametiste.  With an outstanding level of creativity, commitment and vitality…this family has taken on Patrick/Marisa’s former “EcoNest House” and is working on completion of it (as part of OUR summer Natural Building Extravaganza lead by Elke Cole, Ben Garratt, Ayla Challenger, and, and…).  Yuri is a naturopathic Doctor and Luc owns/runs and large thriving Art School in Toronto. Most exciting of all is another beautiful child on the land with young Ametiste and the whole family creating a NATURE BASED CHILDREN’S CAMP this summer in August.  Come on out and meet them–even for a day or lunch!

With such joy and abundance now we have moved forward with lots of new educational offerings.  Having OUR Teaching Kitchen and Zero Mile Meal Eatery space moving towards final completion there is room to have multiple activities happening at different times of day.  We are excited to be bringing forward a range of Doctors who teach ‘Food as Medicine’, guest Local Food Chefs, and LIVESTREAM with Jason Guille and STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS.  We are still inviting many others in to participate in OUR International outreach programming, teach your workshop, or cook up a storm within this most artistic teaching space.

There are still some spaces in OUR Permaculture Teacher Training (maybe one!), OUR Permaculture Design Certificate/Earth Activist Training (lead by Starhawk and Charles), OUR Natural Building Extravaganza (with a wide range of class options or full program packaged with International Teachers and rockstar reunion of builders!)…some NEW shorty courses for a taster with OUR Introduction to Permaculture Design (short course to open options to working with Starhawk), Placemaking, Urban Permaculture, and Design (with Mark Lakeman), and so many more for the summer…check out OUR Education page. and perhaps even just come on up for an updated TOUR AND LUNCH!

OUR education programming is open to proposals for Partial SkillTrade for many of OUR courses…just ask

2015 ‘Education and Outreach’…really includes lots of ‘in-reach’!  This is OUR year to dig in deep to OUR Ecovillage Cooperative capacity building again.  After incredible Coop education work, that benefited so many peoples who have been through OUR, we now are investing in OUR long term residents in a new way.  Since the year 2000 OUR Non-Profit Society employed many, many folks….now we are working for members to run their own enterprise as part of OUR Coop efforts and to step up all the onsite Enterprise Development! We are spending this year with many of OUR long standing Coop members (and OUR team who are here this summer to bring in up to 14 years of history, effort, learning, and organizational knowledge into the fold with new folks) supporting all of the new growth and development of OUR peoples/place/processes. If you see yourselves as part of this–jump in…as always your voice is important and valued in OUR Dynamic Governance structure.

Wait till you see what happens in March’s Newsletter…and you get to meet OUR team of 12 new Homesteaders!!



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