OUR Events Report (March, 2015)

OUR Events Report (March, 2015)

March 2, 2015 Events Village Heart Yoga 0


Well, spring is on its way and the signs of that are very obvious from the return of the robins to the appearance of the first Stinging Nettles here on the farm. The birds are up earlier and the angle of the sun has changed. The daytime is warmer and that calls us out of our winter hibernation. It calls us to get up earlier, calls us into the garden to prepare the beds for the flowers that will come in the spring and the vegetables in the summer. It calls us out for walks in the forest, on the beach or out with a friend in a city park. It might even call you to start something new to take on a new project, learn something new or go on an adventure. Whichever of those is your calling enjoy it to the utmost and welcome back the spring and the awakening of the life around you and the life force inside you.

Around here at the OUR Ecovillage we’ve been feeling the call of spring for a while. The garlic we planted in the fall is pushing its greenery up out of the leaf mulch. The cherry blossoms are beginning to open and spread their sweet aroma and we’ve been cleaning up after the winter and making the place beautiful for the start of our courses and events. We invite you all come and explore a cooperative way of life, come for a visit on one of OUR public tour days (mostly twice a month on a Saturday), tour starts at 10:00am we ask that you come 15 minutes early so that we can get everyone signed in before the presentation starts. One of OUR amazing team will share with you the story of how OUR Ecovillage started, the overall design elements of sustainable village culture, and where we’re headed. Then we take you on a walking tour of the 25 acres. After which we invite you to stay for lunch to sample some of our fabulous food – most of which during the growing season will come from our garden. At this time of year we are beginning to bring in early greens for salads. You will also see an incredible shift in OUR site itself as the incredibly beautiful finishing work inside and outside of buildings, massive site wide clean up and an upgrade of so much of OUR event spaces continues to expand and enhance what is offered to you when you come to visit.

This year’s schedule of events will start out brimming with a month of some special offerings. This year we’ve been requested to host some very amazing energy work starting with a celluar transformation breathwork guided by Scott Kelly, certified facilitator this session will be held on March 21. It will be preceded by a Yin Yoga practice to take you into the breathwork in a deeply connected way. We are also hosting a Grof Holotropic Breathwork weekend retreat, April 17–19. The workshop will be facilitated by Carolyn Green a certified Grof breathwork practitioner–www.thesecretofbreath.com.

We are also hosting an Emergence Care workshop. Emergence Care is a new healing art that draws from ancient and modern wisdom, traditions, science, psychology, neurology, psychoneuroimmunology and philosophy. It represents a significant departure from virtually every form of health care available today. Carmen Straight and the Dr. Teagarden (originator of the Emergence Care healing art) will facilitate. Visit www.emergencecarecanada.ca

Satiya and Gabriela Siri Shabad Kaur

Satiya and Gabriela Siri Shabad Kaur

This spring Village Heart Yoga at OUR Ecovillage is excited to launch a formal yoga program in April 2015. We will be offering a range of yoga styles, guided by several qualified and openhearted yoga teachers. We’re thrilled to include Kundalini Yoga – guided by Gabriela Siri Shabad Kaur, Yin Yoga – guided by Satiya and a meditation practice–guided by a couple of different teachers Gabriela Siri Shabad Kaur and Louis Morceau. We are privileged to have a number of other new Yoga Teachers living/working at OUR Ecovillage this year and there will be other styles of yoga to choose from….your style and schedule needs are bound to be met!! We will also create a LOCAL YOGA RETREAT – right here in the beautiful Cowichan at OUR Ecovillage. The village is a very transformational place to retreat to and the focus on your practice of yoga. We will feature dedicated teachers such as Fiji McAlpine, who has taught for over 10 years in Victoria and now here in Shawnigan, Gabriela Siri Shabad Kaur, Victoria Sommerville, Shona Athey, and myself Satiya. Stay tuned for further dates/details as we cultivate a new culture of yoga here at OUR Ecovillage

Please check www.ourecovillage.org frequently for the whole summer schedule of incredible programs, new teachers, and major events. PS–watch to see the posting for the WEDDING RECEPTION onsite August 29th for one of OUR school’s founders. This will create an epic reunion event for 2015 with folks going back over 15 years–hoping that includes you!

Have a fabulous spring and walk in light,



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