OUR Farm Report August 2013

OUR Farm Report August 2013

August 14, 2013 Farm Report 0

August brings with it the first indications of the autumnal shift: cooler breezes, chillier nights, and hints of the coming rains. The transition to fall/winter is an important one for any gardening community and with that brings a lot of changes. One big change happening at OUR Ecovillage is the end of the summer internship program. This Saturday, August 17th, three interns will graduate from our Farm/Garden Apprenticeship program. There will be a special ceremony celebrating the completion of the program, including a passion show.

On the transition list for the farm/garden team is the seeding/transplanting of crops for the fall/winter, including brussel sprouts, asian greens, lettuce, spinach, beets, chard, cabbage, purple sprouting broccoli and kale to be put into the greenhouses and into select garden beds. Along with this is the endeavor to establish a more efficient and productive system between the gardens and kitchen as we head into winter. On our list is also the creation of many more beds of compost, which includes getting manure from a nearby horse stable and turning existing beds to insure many beds of compost will be prepared for next year. Many beds of rich compost is a must for any farm or garden; abundant soil is the foundation of a healthy and vibrant garden.

The Farm team has also been meeting in order to plan for future perennial fruit tree plantings around the Art Studio and in the lower meadow gardens, planting more fruit trees and establishing systems so that the current perennial systems receive more attention and care.

As always, the garden strongly mirrors the changing seasons, with autumn bringing in wistful breezes, beautiful, more gentle rays of light, shorter days, cooler weather, and slimming community numbers as we move into the storing, preserving, and preparation phases for winter. Thanks to all the visitors, interns and other participants in the garden this summer. Many hands make for Lighter work!

By: Wren Haffner


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