OUR Farm Report July 2013

OUR Farm Report July 2013

June 28, 2013 Farm Report Permaculture 0

HPIM1268-FARMThe salad bowls are overflowing with a variety of textures, colors, tastes and smells: nasturtium and kale leaves and flowers, calendula, magenta spreen, wild arugula, chickweed, deer tongue and miner’s lettuce all fill OUR mouths with dense nutritive properties.  The summer season at OUR farm is in full swing, with excitement and inspiration from the Permaculture Design Course.  The Farm Team has been prepping, seeding, and planting to prepare for the summer and fall months ahead.  With the help of OUR Kitchen Team, we have also been fermenting, processing and feasting on such lovely flavors as rhubarb, strawberries, garlic scapes, and chard.  Many delicious and medicinal herbs, including lemon balm, apple mint, nettles, and lavender, have been harvested and are now being enjoyed in the form of tisane.

The garden is experiencing germination and growth everyday, from the emergence of baby brassica cotyledon, to the slow reddening and ripening of a luscious strawberry patch.   There are many beautiful examples of guilds and companion planting throughout the fields and terraces.  On a brief walk through the beds, one would find the three sisters: a guild of corn, beans and squash, and more creative combinations such as amaranth, New Zealand spinach, and zucchini.  We are also tending to a collection of Chinese yams, which were named the “staple crop of the new era” by Rudolf Steiner, the father of Biodynamics.

HPIM1258-FARMAlong with our fearless general, Eva the goat, our five sheep, and our twenty-four chickens, we are now caring for two new piglets named Coral and Sorrel.  Their happy grunts have added a welcomed noise and entertainment sector to the land.  We have also been graced by the birth of six new chicks that are gaining strength and stamina every day with their worm-enhanced diet.

In coordination with the Building Team, two new cob-and-glass micro-climates have been erected that will allow citrus and tea trees to proliferate in their non-native environment.  The Citrus Workshop, facilitated by Bob Duncan, was incredibly informative for the development of this project.

As we move further into the summer, we look forward to a continued and increasing practice of permaculture principles.  Many more exciting projects to come!

Submitted by: Morgan, OUR Farm Team


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