OUR Garden Update

OUR Garden Update

Posted on: June 6, 2019

There is excitement in the Farm and Garden with the season well underway. The seedlings nurtured and cared for this spring are now being planted into the earth. With a quick introduction to the land, the Farm and Garden team have stepped up to prepare and create beautiful spaces for our growing season. 

The busy spring has also lead to many visitors from kindergarten to middle school as well as workshops for all ages. People come to learn, teach, and experience farm life and how Permaculture and Intentional Communities function.

I’m looking forward to our CSA boxes and getting to know our customers. Teaching and learning about Permaculture and the understanding of complex systems and how they work. As well as participating in a community to understand working and living cooperatively in a non-competitive environment.

Looking forward to seeing you in the garden,

Megan Berry