OUR March Newsletter

OUR March Newsletter

March 30, 2011 Newsletter 0

Ten reasons why I didn’t put out the newsletter on a monthly basis like I said I would:

  1. I have a proclivity toward lofty and uninformed goals.
  2. We outgrew our old newsletter application.
  3. I actually wrote a newsletter for January but didn’t send it because of number 2.
  4. I love writing blog posts (which isn’t really mutually exclusive?)
  5. It took longer to get Salesforce mixed into the Ecovillage soup than we thought it would.
  6. Vertical response depended on Salesforce and therefore didn’t get into the soup in time either.
  7. Newsletters depend on Vertical Response, which means that the Newsletter waited patiently while the soup got made.
  8. I only listened to the VR tutorial, while writing blog posts, which left me clueless about sending emails.
  9. I didn’t pay attention in the Salesforce lessons JT gave me, leaving me to figure things out on my own (I wouldn’t help me either, if I were him!)
  10. I wanted you to be good and hungry for the newsletter… and I wasn’t sure until now that you were!

So here she is, the first iteration made from a template (ew… templates). In your inbox. Now. Whether you want her or not (quite literally… the opt outs from MyEmma worked fine, but there will be a whole score of people receiving this Newsletter who never signed up for it, simply because of the way we had to import contacts into the VR and SF databases. Sorry about that. Please don’t hurt me.)

March 2011 OUR Ecovillage Newsletter (click here to view it in your browser)

I would love any feedback you have. Oh. And go ahead and register for a bunch of courses, even if it’s just to help me meet my marketing goals.


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