OUR Mosaic and Kitchen Move

OUR Mosaic and Kitchen Move

June 22, 2012 Uncategorised 0
OUR Amazing kitchen coordinator Marisa

O.U.R brand new kitchen is finally operational and the chef’s couldn’t be happier. Since we’re trying to meet the guidelines of the Living Building Challenge, it has been quite an interesting building process. I think we must have some magician builders on site – the use of recycled materials is quite unique in some cases. As they say, one man’s junk is another person’s treasure. You really do need to come see for yourself and feel the positive energy inside this space. No more will the chefs be battling it out with one measly little stove! We have tons of room, creativity and amazing food – and we’re open to share it with numerous friends and visitors on site. The first weekend that the kitchen was operational, we hosted an event with over 100 people – and to be honest, I’ve never seen the chefs more mellow! It is amazing what a positive change of atmosphere can do.

Many of the builder’s ideas were on the fly and very spontaneous. (Don’t worry – we’ve been meeting building codes as per usual.) It became apparent that the word “deadline” was a little bit too daunting with the amount of work to be done. The building team adequately renamed these as “milestones.” With not much time left until the next milestone, I was asked to execute a large mural project. Sure, it is something that I’d love to orchestrate, but they didn’t want just a simple mural. Every wall was to be tiled. We had a plethora of recycled shards of tile and by organizing them by colour, ideas were born. With the help of a grade nine class from St. Michael’s University, the largest mural started to come together over the course of a weekend. I laid claim to one small area where I created a solo project – “Mama Marisa’s Moon Goddess Mural.” I finished a large portion of the kitchen while happily hanging out with our Merry Builders.
I was grateful to welcome the help of Kathy, Kyle, Ayla, Robin, Josh, SMU’s, Katimavik and the builders. I am sure there were others I have forgotten who also left a piece of their creativity behind. Thanks to everyone who helped out! I can’t believe that we tiled as much as we did in such a short period of time. To any friends in the area – come and check it out and say hello to the chefs! Stay for a meal (or two) and make some new connections with the amazing people we have on site. We look forward to seeing you!

Blog Post and Pictures by Dana Bird

Website: www.danathebird.com


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