OUR Next Generation… and Our Children’s Children’s Children (or are they ours?)

OUR Next Generation… and Our Children’s Children’s Children (or are they ours?)

Posted on: April 26, 2019

by Brandy Gallagher 

These are unprecedented times with the fuller awareness of climate impact and what is ahead for OUR future…and that of our collective humanity! How do we relate as parents? How do we relate as farmers? How do we relate as being those who wish to ‘connect all the dots….and see the systemic challenges ahead’? These are significant questions which have us in deep dialogue at OUR ECOVILLAGE this year as we clock OUR 20th Anniversary year.

The challenge for all of us, where ever we are, is that all the significant challenges of the world come second to the reality check of how challenging it is for human beings to live together and especially to live and work together. We look no further than our/OUR own families, neighbourhoods, community groups, governments….countries and so forth, to see note that the deeper awareness that ‘we are all one’ is one thing in theory and yet quite another in practice. That the disconnect from ourselves, from each other, and from nature is now perceived as the reasoning behind the Climate Crisis to world hunger, from the ’empty value’ economics we try to function within the framework of…..to malnutrition within so called 1st World countries because of so much processed/manu-foods. For 20 years we have been working to understand ‘what is intentional community’ (community being one of the most over-used words going now) and how to live/work with other humans as a social experiment. These days there is a very large amount of feedback from all other intentional communities how much challenge they are deeply embroiled with given these same issues…and these are often well seasoned communities with second and even third generation development processes. It leaves us to ask: is it working, can it be possible for humans to live and work together, is behavioural/emotional/mental/spiritual change processes enough for humans to meet up with the needs of the future of this planet and the creatures here. This may be sounding like the rant from OUR ECOVILLAGE more and more often – yet it is clearly a mirror of the planetary conversation as more urgency becomes the challenge of the day.

With this we have taken on 2 large projects for the gathering of people during this year long celebration we have embarked on as of March 31st! Along with some free workshops all year….we have been co-creating:

1) COB-FATHERS AND COB-MOTHERS REUNITE: An Ecological Design and Natural Building Colloquium. June 14th – 16th, 2019

After talking with Linda Smiley/Ianto and Kit Maloney/Pat Hennebery about their ability to travel to this gathering, and even with everyone’s health issues, it looks like Linda and Kit can help to bring everyone together! This gathering is not only focused on legal/regulatory issues with Natural Building, but also design and honouring all of us who founded this movement. All of this leads us to the natural inclination of wondering ‘why we care’ and how this has lead to ecological design of healthy, affordable, tiny/small/lane way housing, etc. As each of the founders, and next generation builders, come together…we now realize how much this is a co-created experience of individuals, organizations, government, regulatory officials, and all and sundry must do to bring this together! If you fancy yourself as an organizer or outreach person please let us know…

2) 2019 INTENTIONAL COMMUNITIES CONFERENCE (combining the West Coast Communities Conference with ‘Ecovillage Canada’) September
How about a gathering of everyone who considers themselves a part of ecovillage, intentional community, co-housing, New Culture, intentional communities design process etc….all came together at the same time? Could we all ” Re-Story our Collective Future”? By bringing together the best of the communities and Ecovillage movement …..we have a massive gathering of speakers, livesteam, panels, regulatory presenters, etc etc . Just tell us if you think you should present or in some way build our Collaborative Culture.

Past all of this we are building a bunch of community installation Art Projects – and we want you to be involved for free workshops etc.. Please go to OUR sign up for Newsletters at https://ourecovillage.org/contact/ . And all participants have full access to this online platform and ability to find employers thereon…………..