OUR Outreach Update June 2013

OUR Outreach Update June 2013

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HPIM1086-UBC-day01-400“This summer has already had a great turn out of students and schools visiting OUR Ecovillage. We hosted 5 Teacher Candidates from University of British Columbia Enhanced Practicum. These students quickly became immersed in a community learning environment, and their impact and presence was hugely felt on the land. They contributed amazing learning and teaching resources to OUR Sustainable Schools Program, expanding OUR ability to deliver valuable learning  to school groups visiting OUR Ecovillage.

We also hosted Grade 9 students from St. Michael’s University School for a 5 day immersed learning experience. The contribution to OUR community is tremendous, and we see the space left better than when they came. Frances Kelsey high school students got down and dirty with cob building in May, where they learned the basics of Cob. We got barefoot, mixed some Cob, and worked on OUR Zero Mile Meal Eatery brown-coat and the Cob Micro climates in the garden. Are you a teacher at a primary or secondary school? Would you like to bring a group of students to OUR Ecovillage to get hands on learning experience on our 25 acre Sustainable Living Demonstration Site and Education Center.  OUR Ecovillage is a school, park, organic production farm, and is host to more than 20 schools. Please contact Erin at  250-743-3067  or outreach@ourecovillage.org

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