OUR People Profile with Noé and Ludo

OUR People Profile with Noé and Ludo

June 1, 2013 OUR People 0

Friends for three years, Noé and Ludo have been on the road together for several months. Two years into a trip around the world, Ludo stopped back home in France and convinced Noé to join him on the road. After some other WOOFing adventures, the pair came to O.U.R. Ecovillage, where they have spent the past month. They took some time one afternoon to sit down by a lovely fire in the chillage and answer some questions about their time in the village.

Ludo and Noe

Ludo and Noe

Where are you from?

Noé: Montpellier

Ludo: Toulouse

Time at the Ecovillage: Just over one month

Reasons for coming:

Ludo: One day I came here for a visit and just to see what it was and really liked it. The first job I had was to skin the dead cow to use for leather. It felt like a very profound experience, and I went back [to the farm in Cobble Hill where we were WOOFing] and told Noé that it would be a good place to be.

What sort of work are you doing here?

Noé: We have been working with Chad to make the wooden fence and gate by the trailer park. We made some small things for the kitchen, and other things that were important at the time [like a screen for natural building materials]. We are mostly working in wood, because I am a carpenter and Ludo has been learning for the last year. It has worked out well, though.

How did you find out about O.U.R. Ecovillage?

Ludo: The people we were WOOFing with in Cobble Hill told us to check it out. They are an organic farm with fruit and some animals.

What is the best thing about being at O.U.R. Ecovillage?

Noé: The chance to exchange with people. For example, the way of council — this part of this place is really interesting for me, as is the community lifestyle in general. I also like some of the things like learning about permaculture and natural building, and how there are always activities like dancing and yoga. I also like how there is such a positive energy and people are always in the present.

Ludo: I also really like the community lifestyle, which is a new experience for me. I really like the schedule and how there is always something happening.

What surprised you the most when you got here?

Ludo: I wasn’t expecting the energy in the meetings and check-ins and how we make sure everyone is feeling good and helping each other. I also like the gratitude circles that we have before meals. I think it is a wonderful, very good experience.

Noé: It is the same. I think I am surprised with how when I work with people here it is different than before, because then I was working for money, and the experience here is the opposite. Chad – OUR building team lead, knows the place. The interactions are about making things with love and for fun, not for money. The difference is in the eyes and intonation of voices. It is amazing for me. I was also surprised by the relationships between all of the people. Also, I was surprised by how good the food is!

Interesting or funny stories:

Ludo: The cow was a big sign, ‘you have arrived somewhere.’

Advice for other interested volunteers:

Noé: Just come here with love and for exchange and to learn about many interesting things, including about life in the community.

Ludo: Come open for a big adventure.

Where are you planning to go next, or what are you planning to do?

Ludo: We are going to the Yukon and spending the first week WOOFing and then hiking and going to live in nature for a bit. We are going to experience the wildlife of Canada. It is so different than what we have in Europe.

Noé: We are going to go feel the nature and be somewhere without so many people.

We will be in the Yukon for about two months, then go to Quebec, and then probably home. Probably.

Anything else you would like to share with us?

Ludo: I feel more evolved since being here. It has brought me a lot, being here.

Noé: I’m leaving with more confidence for the future, for the world.

Good luck in your future travels and thank you very much from everyone in OUR community!

Submitted by: Dani – OUR Office Admin Assistant


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