Projects and Research

OUR Rezoning Work

The application for a zoning amendment for lot plan #34224 REM 2 was a request to change the existing zone of A2 to a Comprehensive Development Zone. This amendment allows for the creation of an ‘ecovillage’ and provides for specific uses of ecological education, ecological restoration/enhancement, organic farming and food production and multiple dwellings…. read more

F.O.G. Landshare Research Project

The F.O.G. Landshare Research Project was designed (and funded by Agriculture Canada, The Real Estate Foundation and The Notary Foundation) to help facilitate a path through the various barriers faced by landshare projects that have multiple stakeholders involved with multiple activities… read more

Affordable Housing Project

O.U.R. Affordable Eco-Housing Cluster

The Affordable Eco-Housing Cluster was a large part of the rezoning of the land at O.U.R. and in the spring and summer of 2011 will be moving forward with the support of The Fuller Centre Housing Centre as well as many community hands from various organizations, local businesses and charities… read more