#ProtectOUR Campaign Update

#ProtectOUR Campaign Update

July 15, 2014 Brandy Community 0

Hello! I think many of you I haven’t yet met. My name is Jason Guille and I’m a Board member with OUR Ecovillage non-profit. I’m part of the team leading the #ProtectOUR Campaign, and I wanted to connect with you and share how this part of our world is going – and what’s coming.

We got really clear that our needs were $150,000. This buys us a year of space for Brandy’s healing (25%), hiring an interim Executive Director to manage the property and team (25%), completing the Co-op transfer, managing operating costs while Brandy recovers and setting up for a very powerful 2015 with full use of the new Zero Mile Eatery & new dorms (50%).

When we launched the Indiegogo campaign it was initially asking for the full $150,000 but we quickly saw that the time constraints and nature of the platform wouldn’t work to fulfill on OUR needs by itself. So we’ve split the #ProtectOUR campaign into 3 equal $50,000 channels – Indiegogo, the Sustainers Program, and the Ethical Investment Program.

The Indiegogo campaign just crossed over the 25% threshhold, and we have just 7 days to go. We have created some amazing value there for contributors – and are selling discounted access to much of OUR most popular content – the circus tent, permaculture courses, green burial and more. Go take a look – and SHARE it, if you would!

The Sustainers Program is a monthly giving program, instead of Indiegogo which is a one-time donation platform. Through the Sustainers Program, people who wish to make smaller, ongoing contributions can do so – which makes a huge difference for the village. We are shooting for $50,000 in contributions here – and we’re setting up a fun community game to make this happen – watch the next newsletter for details!

OUR “Community Trust for Ethical Investment” is a more involved role, for ‘patient capital investors’ who are opting for socially/environmentally responsible investment. OUR Community Trust for Ethical Investment pays 3% interest, and is an option whether you wish to be a straight up investor with liquid assets, whether you have RRSP’s which you wish to self-direct and invest, or whether you wish to be a landshare partner in OUR Ecovillage Cooperative.

All three of these channels are outlined in more detail here.

We have a big team in place, and very workable plan to complete the work we’re doing, and a Co-op team coming together to take over directorship of the village. We just need the time to do so, and some support for Brandy and her family through this time of treatment.

Please contact us with any questions you may have. Please share this campaign as much as you can, as often as feels good, with anyone you think should know. And please participate at whatever level you can – every single contribution makes a difference, and we promise to put it to very good use – bringing the village to a new place of sustainability and abundance for many years to come!

All blessings

Board Member, OUR Community Association


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