Reflections on the 2010 Youth Convergence

Reflections on the 2010 Youth Convergence

Posted on: October 29, 2010

Imagine standing together with a generation of people who are to inherit the planet and honestly discussing the current food system paradigm.  Imagine examining a typical fast food restaurant meal and considering the different dependencies that this style of food production has created for itself, such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides and its relationship with the oil industry.  Imagine looking closely at the health implications of this food system on both human beings and the planet and being frank about the current state of affairs, knowing that every one of us has had a hand in its creation in some way or another.

2010 Youth ConvergenceThen, see yourself in the midst of the concern and sadness, in the middle of a garden, in the middle of an Ecovillage, in the middle of a community, take a deep breath in and exhale it all out.  Then see the group turn together to walk the paths of the garden, between the hand sculpted raised beds filled with food that breathes in what you have just exhaled. Feel the comfort in knowing that you are standing in a new paradigm that requires very little import and has very few dependencies.  Notice that this place is actually enhancing the ecosystem around itself, ecologically and culturally.

You talk about the sweetness of compost, companion planting, biodiversity, and the joys of farming with these people to which you will one day hand the tools to continue.

Finally, find yourself handing them other tools: saws, files, and hand chisels and a piece of soapstone and see yourself letting them do all the creating. And then say goodbye until the next time, knowing that you each learned a little bit from being together.

– Annonymously contribued.  Photo by Erica Breau.

2010 Youth Convergence at OUR Ecovillage October 2nd-3rd


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