Regenerative Living Weekend Retreats






Treat yourself to a time of reconnecting with yourself and a chance of physical and mental detox. Winter retreat is an opportunity to live in a way removed from television, stress and city-strife, and deepen relationship with nature and in a community. Breathe fresh air and sleep deeply.

In OUR Zero Mile Meal Eatery and Cob/Strawbale Healing Sanctuary we have a magical means of learning Hands-On and/or having private practitioner treatments – you will marvel at the hand-sculpted spaces of hobbit home like structures that create a sacred space for your retreat.  OUR Eco-Wellness Team and medical practitioners bring together decades of practice and treatments for your journey towards transforming yourself; body, mind and spirit.  5495394884_ed0be34023_zFrom eating OUR crafted foods from the land, walking the forest trails/labyrinth, detoxing in OUR wood-fired sauna, booking private sessions, and simply enveloping yourself in an amazing intentional community embrace…your weekend can include as much or as little as you desire!

This is a very full weekend which includes an afternoon panel of medical practitioners (naturopaths, nurses, wellness certified healers), and one on one treatments.


Nourish your body with local, mostly organic, GMO free meals prepared by OUR Zero Mile Meal Eatery. We cater to your dietary needs (gluten free, vegetarian, or?).

Juice fasting or other cleanses are options with OUR medical wellness practitioners. If you want to fast we will nourish you in other ways. Check in with us when you make your booking.

Schedule (subject to change) 

6pm Participants arrival
6:30pm Dinner
7:30pm Intro to OUR ecovillage and a look into ‘ecological living’ from a holistic          perspective; how do we create ‘sustainable wellness’ and what do we mean by spiritual ecology?
8:30pm Guided meditation (digital detox begins, wifi will be turned off)

8:00am Breakfast
9:30am Yin Yoga Class
10:45am Tea & fruit
11:00am Labyrinth walk
12:30pm Lunch
2:00pm Breath work session
4:30pm Tea & fruit
5:00pm Reflection/journaling/art making or
optional private session with individual facilitator (Book a private yoga or meditation class or Jin Shin Jyutsu session)
6:00pm Zero Mile Meal Local Foods Feast (dinner)
8:00pm Talk on holistic regenerative living with Brandy
9:30pm Wood fired sauna (optional)

8:00am Breakfast
9:30am Yin Yoga Class
10:45am optional private session with individual facilitator
(Book a private yoga or meditation class or Jin Shin Jyutsu session)
12:30pm Lunch
Departure after lunch

Long Weekender-
[2 nights 3 days – Arrive for 10:00 am Friday and leave 4:00pm Sunday]
Mini- Weekender-
[2 nights 2 days –  Arrive for 6:00 pm Friday and leave 1:00pm Sunday after lunch]

Includes: morning yoga, all meals, experiential ‘earthing’ and land meditation walk, farm integration and animal bonding (or jump in and milk cows with us!), evening wood fired sauna, and kitchen crafting with food as medicine.

Discount for additional person in same room


Registration detail will be updated soon…. 


OUR Sustainable-Wellness Team: (click this page for detail biography)