Reminiscing as Fall Arrives – September Garden Update by Jared Dunham

Reminiscing as Fall Arrives – September Garden Update by Jared Dunham

September 16, 2018 Uncategorised 0

Rain is the new norm around here this week: the drought is broken!  This is great news for the irrigation and watering teams.  With the onset of the rainy season also comes new challenges.  The corn that started late in the season is still growing, but will it mold before it finishes growing?  I tasted some today.  It was very nice and sweet, but the kernels were still small and hard to bite into.  With all the water this week, they might juice up rather nice though, and if the sun prevails next week, they might size up well.  Here’s to hoping they do!

There is a lot of hoping happening here as the season is rounding back into the cooler days.  We know the frost is coming.  It is time to get the garlic in the ground and manure over the beds to lay them down.  Also, there is still much more harvesting yet to be done and food processing to finish as we freeze whatever we can and can the rest for winter.

I look back over the month with a smile to think of all the figs and apples processed, winter crops planted, and how now all our garlic we harvested this summer is dried, clipped, and put into winter storage.

I carry so much gratitude for what cultivating all this food and in what my first full growing season in one garden has meant for me.  In a month I will leave this garden.  My visa will expire and I will return to the United States changed;  having graduated from my own 9 acres of kindergarten where I have lived and been cultivated for the last 6 months.  I will take with me my wife carrying our second child and leaving our first which survived only 10 weeks in utero, after which was laid to rest in the food forest under a sand cherry tree earlier this summer.

Needless to say, the summer has been full and emotional, with so many lessons given to me by the experience of the community of OUR Ecovillage.