ReStory Festival 2018

Restorying Our Collective Future

How do the stories of our past shape the way we see ourselves—limiting or inspiring us as we move forward? How can storytelling be used to reimagine the ways we interact, teach, learn, and build healthy communities? How can stories impact our behaviour toward each other, toward our political systems, toward nature? How are stories used therapeutically to change outcomes in our mental and physical health? From the inner landscape of the imagination, ancient archetypes and myths to modern digital storytelling relying on the latest in handheld technology, how do you see people using storytelling as we navigate our way into an ever more interconnected and complicated world?

Come join tellers, writers, artists and other stewards of possibility as we teach and learn from one another how storytelling holds the power to help us imagine, shape, and manifest our shared future on planet earth.

Our setting is a 25-acre hobbit like village: a permaculture demonstration site and education centre with earthen hand-sculpted buildings, a Zero Mile Meal Eatery, livestock and poultry (who tell their own story), a community homesteader program, green burial project, and a 4000 square foot circus tent and a fairy forest children’s telling circle under Grandma Cedar. Listen to bards by the fire in the evenings, participate in hands-on workshops during the days, learn from teachers both live-streamed and live-in-person at our outdoor stages. Be inspired. Bring your creativity and when you leave, take with you some new knowledge and a renewed vision for possibilities and for hope.

An Invitation Message for the ReStory Festival:

  • We are all living in stories; stories from the past that shape today, and stories of today that shape the future,
  • Stories are created by humans,
  • Stories have power; power to lead to success or to failure (taken from Jeff’s book),
  • Stories have strong roles for shaping a better world, both at a personal and collective level (common theme from the interviews),
  • We all have stories to tell.

This gathering for those who yearn to come together for deepening dialogue and for storytelling towards our collective future.  This special gathering is by invitation, and will be via livestream in mid-November. Schedule will be updated shortly. If you are ready to jump in, email us at