Sensitive Dance

November 16-18 2018 Sensitive Dance® with Claude Coldy​

“We are at a critical moment in the development of human civilization in which we are faced with crucial choices in a planetary crisis that seems to place our actions as human beings in direct conflict with the foundations of life on Earth, at every level of the biosphere.

It is from a profound awareness of these choices that Sensitive Dance® is created. A goal of Sensitive Dance® is to transmit to present and future generations the value of the precious connection between our bodies and Mother Earth – an all encompassing relationship that includes body and spirit.”

Claude Coldy

Sensitive Dance® is a movement practice that aims to increase awareness of self, body, emotions and perception through conscious movement. It trains body and mind to listen deeply to the messages of the body. It also proposes revisiting some of the key stages of our evolution – consciously re-living the process of the human being’s becoming upright so as to rediscover the meaning and the potential implicit in the form and structure of our bodies.

The characteristics and qualities needed to form the basis for a truly ecological way of being are implicit in the human body. Before concepts and ideas, we need to have a foundation informed by our genetic heritage. Sensitive Dance® is an invitation and a doorway to an experiential exploration of the wisdom in our DNA that can offer a guide to a starting point for the creation of a new society that respects the gifts and limits of our being human on the Earth.

This event is part of a 2-week intensive program organized and hosted by Patrick and Marisa Jackson.

What you will learn

  • Slowing Down
  • Listening
  • Micro and macro movement
  • Birth of Movement
  • Opening
  • Orientating
  • Carrying the Body
  • Witnessing
  • The Space of Relationship
  • ...and much more!

This event will be on sliding scale. Pay the amount suitable to your financial means that reflects your appreciation for the work.

To pay $199

To pay $250

Claude Coldy

Claude Coldy discovered and fell in love with dance at the age of twenty after studying industrial technology. He trained in Paris in contemporary, classical and Jazz dance. He also trained as an actor and mime and took part in various theatre, TV, and film productions, and participated in various International dance festivals.

In 1982 he started working as a choreographer and teacher and founded the Arbalete company of Genoa which performed in Europe. In 1986 he discovered a new movement in French Osteopathy, the “atman movement” through the osteopaths Gerard Montet, Jean Luc Gehant and Jean Louis and Marie Dupuy. In 1990 he created Sensitive Dance with Jean Lois and Marie Dupuy.

He studied relational ecology with the psychologist, sociologist and writer, Jaques Salomè, behavioural biology with the psychologist Jean Claude Badar, pupil of Reich Geerd Hammer, and experienced gestalt “the journey of heroes” with one of the fathers of modern gestalt, the American psychologist Paul Rebillot.

In 2005 he started the first cycle of advanced training in Sensitive Dance. From 2009 he has collaborated with the gynaecologist Barbara Grandi, who was at the forefront of the humanisation of traditional birthing and births in water at Poggibonsi hospital.

Since the 90s he has taught and spreads SD, he has developed teacher training courses for artists and future SD teachers in collaboration with institutions such as Teatro Dimorra_Aroboreto Mondaino, CID Centro Internazionale per la Danza, ICTGDS Brussels and Wolfgang Universität Essen, preparing a new generation of artists and SD teachers and developing the SD movement.

“This work with Claude profoundly impacted us both and has served as a key point of orientation ever since we first encountered it in Italy in 2001. Some of the experiences and teachings we received during the subsequent 4 years became foundational to how we each – in our own way – took a few more steps down the path to an embodied, participatory relationship with the natural environment we are part of and that is part of us. When we slow down and listen deeply to the messages of our bodies, we can sometimes feel whispers of the same ancient voice that trembles in the giant cedars and shines from the fullness of a peach about to fall from the branch. We, too, have roots in the earth and grow towards the light.

“We are extremely privileged that Claude has agreed to come to the West Coast to help us reconnect with this work and inspire a community of practice here that will sustain it into the future.”  Patrick and Marisa Jackson

Detailed schedule: 

Friday: 6pm-9pm 

Saturday: 12pm-7pm,

Sunday: 10am-5pm, 


Other Sensitive Dance events:

  • public lecture presentation at The Hub, Cowichan Station, at 6pm, November 8th,
  • weekend retreat – for people with movement background – in Duncan, November  9-11th

Contact Patrick for questions and information –, text or call 250 710 9107

We are deeply grateful to Claude for the offering of his time and presence.

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