Skill testing questions

Skill testing questions

April 25, 2011 Uncategorised 0

Alright blog readers! Here is your chance to get your feet wet! The following are the annual scavenger hunt clues for this year’s Easter Egg Hunt at OUR. Trent suggested that we put it out to the wider community, so here we go!

Rules of the game:

  • The person who produces the most correct answers receives a 50$ gift certificate to be applied to any course that OUR Ecovillage offers!
  • You must comment your responses to this post – don’t worry, your comment won’t be approved until the deadline.
  • Current residents (people who live on-site) need not apply.
  • Offer expires on Friday, April 29, 2011 at 9am. Winner and correct responses will be announced before lunch

Ready…. set…. go!

  1. Holy cow, she’s a mother
    You Get milk from her udder.
    Don’t you worry, there’s no danger;
    she won’t bother you near her manger
  2. We start our plants here to get them to grow,
    It also keeps them out of the rain and snow.
    If you know where it is then go-go-go!
  3. Hippitty hiphop,
    Come on don’t stop.
    You can jump on both legs so you don’t drop.
    go the where there are many eggs,
    many feathers & many legs
  4. There’s tires-o-plenty
    but you can’t hide.
    So climb up a rope and climb inside.
  5. Stick, paddle or oar.
    You must find a way,
    to get to this spot in the safest way.
  6. Made of sticks and planks and tin,
    you will find them when you get in.
    Freya’s going to live here don’t you know,
    to the farthest corner of the land you must go.
  7. Sheep and cows pass over here,
    we sit in circle four times a year.
    I heard of woman her name was Murtle,
    Can you think of something that rhymes with turtle?
  8. This one is close.
    It has a tiny nest.
    Finding this basket will give you chocolate that’s the best
  9. When Trent’s in here
    it gets pretty loud.
    He’s always making things
    that make him proud.
    Think really hard
    then zig and zag.
    Don’t get caught up
    in a game of tag.
  10. Round and round
    and round you go.
    In the center you
    will find your gift, you know.


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