St. Mike’s On-Site

St. Mike’s On-Site

May 12, 2011 Uncategorised 0

This week we have had the great pleasure of hosting a group of 15 youth from St. Micheal’s University School for a 5 day residential immersion. The students arrived on Sunday with sleeping bags and work gloves, ready for a week of ecovillage life!

They cooked and created in the kitchen….

The supervisors learned to read thick books…

They pounded soil into tires to build a retaining wall…

They experienced an extreme pogostick…

They learned about the animals and closed loop systems. They learned how to cob (which I sadly did not get a picture of…) They washed dishes and took on the CARE schedule like troupers.

All of the folks who live on-site have grown pretty attached to them too (and not just because it meant that we didn’t have to do ALL the chores, but because they were such shining lights of cleverness, willingness and joy to have here. They let us all see what the future generations are working for on this planet and left us speechless. Thank you SMUH. We love you!


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