Stephen Jenkinson – Nights of Grief and Mystery

October 17th at OUR Ecovillage
6:00pm-9:00pm onwards
SOLD OUT! [Update: 20 seats added. Act Now!]

Nights of Grief and Mystery weaves together the extraordinary talents and skills of internationally renowned author, teacher, storyteller, and cultural activist Stephen Jenkinson with those of Toronto-based singer-songwriter Gregory Hoskins and his band. This an evening for young folk and old folk, for elders in training—an event of interest to parents and grandparents, teachers, scholars, health care professionals, clergy, counsellors, and anyone else pondering matters around human development, rites of passage, aging, and wisdom.

This will be an exclusive all evening event at OUR Ecovillage beginning with a dinner, concert, and aftergathering with appetizers for those who want to start and continue the night in celebration with us.

Dinner: 6:00pm
Concert: 7:00pm
After-gathering: 9:00pm onwards

*(ticket purchases of 10 or more get free tickets to aftergathering ($100 value)

“Concerts for Turbulent Times they surely are. We might not be considered poets, but the evenings are poetic. They are musical and grave and raucous and stilling, which probably means they are theatrical. They are nights devoted to the ragged mysteries of being human, and so grief and endings of all kinds appear. Sonorous hours and rapture, served by whatever talents of tongue and timbre have been granted the band, by the reckless labours of friends and accomplices who fashion genuine gigs in their hometowns from their dreams for a better day, and by the willingness of the sold out houses in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, and the USA to be drawn into wonder and poetry and the kenning.”
They are nights in which love letters to life are written and read. There’s some boldness in them. They have that tone. These nights have the mark of our time upon them, and they’ve become timely, urgent, alert, steeped in mortal mystery, quixotic, with some swagger. What would you call such a thing? Nights of Grief & Mystery. Part poetry, part lamentation, part book reading, part ribaldry, part concert, part lifting the mortal veil and learning the mysteries there…that’s what’s in store—and something you’ll not want to miss, or say you did.

Dinner, aftergathering, plus accommodation and food upgrades available upon checkout.
Tickets of 10 or more receive free tickets to aftergathering ($100 value)

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