Steppin’ Out

Steppin’ Out

June 27, 2011 Uncategorised 0

Well, I’m sure you have already figured out that my role here at the village is changing in a sorta big way, what with my job being up for grabs and the introduction of Cindy Hutchison, the rockstar intern who has graciously brought her sweet beingness into the office realm at O.U.R.

As my contract came to an end in the middle of May, I started to turn inward a little bit to take stock of how I wanted to continue to create my world. I realized that though I am passionate about community living and being here at the village, I am not suited to spend 7 or 8 hours behind ye old computer screen. And, even though this contract has been the coolest game I’ve ever played, I know that my time is no longer best spent in the internetosphere, but focused outward in the community. I decided to turn down further contracts here and use my community hours as a resident at the village to participate on a more subtle level, maintaining the website and writing the odd blog post. Insert crazy transition here…

I’m sure you’ve made similar decisions, where half of your heart breaks and the other half shoots into the sky and explodes like fireworks?


What I am doing is fully jumping into what makes my heart explode and finally saying yes to my dreams (instead of fearing failure and chillin’, risk free at the sidelines…) For me, this looks like pursuing my passions: my birth doula work and placenta encapsulation training on a full time basis, while exploring a new piece of my life; the realm of death, as a death doula. I feel my destiny coming together with the balance of these polarities, and I’m pretty fired up about it. Heck, maybe I’ll even have time to knit once in a while, which totally upst the possibility of my alter ego throwing up a post or two on MavenKnits? Word.

Thanks to you all… O.U.R. wider community for your amazing support in my beginnings here. Lets stay connected, shall we? Until we meet again (or next monday, which will be my blog day…) It has truly been fab connecting with you all over the past 7 months and I really can’t wait to meet some of you in person this summer at OUR various courses and public tours.

Like that art? Its called Conception, Birth, Life by Oleg Dyachkov. Find more here.


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