Sustainable business magic

Sustainable business magic

February 15, 2012 Gentle Earth Protect OUR Ecovillage 0

Scott Kelly, Gentle Earth Products

OUR Ecovillage Partners with Gentle Earth Products to Protect OUR Ecovillage while Promoting Earth-Friendly Products

Gentle Earth Products of Victoria has recently proposed supporting OUR Ecovillage by creating an on-line, Gentle Earth product purchasing option with 50% of the profits coming back to the Protect OUR Ecovillage campaign.

“By purchasing from this website you are supporting the sustainable living education center and permaculture demonstration site at O.U.R. Ecovillage,” explains Scott Kelly, founder of Gentle Earth Products and enthusiastic supporter of OUR. “Help be the change, contribute to a world that works by choosing Gentle Earth Products for the health of your family, home and the planet we all depend on. Help us reach our goal of raising the money needed for OUR Ecovillage by supporting OUR through purchasing through this site and participating in their on-going programs. Help us transform this world by using Gentle Earth Products. For the love of our earth and it’s people let’s all get behind ONE UNITED RESOURCE.”

Gentle Earth is a “friend” of OUR Ecovillage and some of their products are used at OUR given their gentle, effective nature. “Gentle Earth has taken a stand for OUR,” says Scott. “We want to help them meet their objective of becoming a sustainable community that is an example to all of us in Canada moving forward into sustainable living.”

You too can take a stand for the earth and support OUR Ecovillage by purchasing products through Gentle Earth’s website. Check that there is a box explaining the partnership between Gentle Earth and OUR Ecovillage and you can be sure part of your purchase will go to help Protect OUR Ecovillage.


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