Sustainable Living, Sustainable Learning Update

Sustainable Living, Sustainable Learning Update

Posted on: June 7, 2019

By Neil Bateman – Multimedia Co-ordinator, SL Squared

May has been a busy month for the Sustainable Living, Sustainable Learning (SL Squared) team, with a variety of experiences both on and off campus at all three schools where we’ve been moving the Farm 2 School Cob Oven installations forward towards having working ovens and pizza parties by the end of the school year in June.

Sculpting is complete on the cob ovens at Mill Bay Nature School with their bear design, and Discovery elementary with their eagle motif,  adorned with hand prints from the kindergarten classes who had a great time creating and applying the sculpting cob. The Frances Kelsey team have a fantastic design in mind and their oven should have its initial sculpted form by the end of the month.  Next steps will be plastering and painting, and the students at Frances Kelsey have an exciting surprise that we encourage readers to see in next months’ newsletter!

Back at OUR Ecovillage, the SL Squared team were pleased to be joined by several school groups from Victoria, including week-long visits from St. Michael’s University School, St. Andrews, and Westmont Montessori, who all engaged in local building projects featuring cob brick making, garden care and planting experiences, and spacemaking; taking a look down across the Cowichan Valley from the top of Baldy Mountain.

The SL Squared team also jumped in to help host the one day tour on May 15th by delegates from Farm to Cafeteria Canada’s, National Farm to School Conference, which was held in Victoria from the 15th to 17th of this month.  The team enjoyed meeting with food-minded folks from all across the country and continent.

June promises to be just as busy as May, with the finishing steps on the cob ovens and subsequent pizza parties, more school tours on campus, fantastic learning opportunities with stellar guests from the natural building and permaculture worlds, and of course the Permaculture Design Course and Little Permie Kids’ Camp!