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Previous Retreats


Spring Forward: Equinox Cleansing Retreat 2017

This 3 day program is aimed to reset your body, mind and soul for the arrival of the Spring while recharging your energy level. It’s the time to shake out the internal junk, rejuvenate your whole being and renew enthusiasm for your life purpose. Dive into digital and herbal detox and indulge in wood fire sauna, sacred ceremony, connecting to the wholeness of nature, yin yoga, remove toxins and get personal advice on enhancing cellular renewal. Expect to walk away with workshop materials & handouts, intention for the new season, clarity and a fresh start.

Return to Your Creativity: Summer Solstice Retreat 2017

You are creative regardless of your background! At the longest day and shortest night of the year, join us to celebrate the power source of your entire existence and use your inner fire to create in full action with your desire and dreams. Get inspired by movement and dance in the garden, holotropic breathwork, sexual wellness workshop, creative expressions and ceremony in this 3 days journey. You will find the initial spark of focused desire in action.


1 Day Boosting Vitality Retreat

Uplift your energy in a healthy way this summer season. Learn to make your own elixir that best suits your body need and adopt practices that develop vitality, balance, flexibility and strength. Spend a day in nature to recharge your energy and deepen connection with your higher purpose.

11 Day Women’s Wellness Retreat

Spend a day with like-minded women to nurture sisterhood and womanhood. Come together to empower each other to find our voice and live in alignment with our unique gifts and passion. Afternoon workshops include boosting vitality and energy with herbal medicine and healthy tips, nature connection and mandala creation, introduction to functional medicine.

Time of Transition: Fall Equinox
1 Day Retreat

The Fall Equinox marks the beginning of Autumn. It is the time of harvest and reflect upon the past months, directing your awareness inwardly. This one day retreat prepares your body, mind and soul for the seasonal transition. Gain insight that help you immune system to get ready for the time of change. Our wellness team will guide you through exercises, meditation, ceremony to gain clarity about the next steps of your path.

Sacred Feminine Retreat: Open to Your Sexual Bliss

This 3 day retreat is crafted for women’s holistic wellness. Immerse yourself in a circle of women as you explore and design your wellness in areas of hormone changes, sexual vitality and pleasure, healthy feminine care product, self-image and finding your sacred voice. Deepen your connection with yourself and with mother nature in earth-based ceremony, meditation, yoga practice, mindfulness walk. When women gather together, we heal the earth one woman at a time.

Bookings for this retreat will open soon

Re-membering: Detox Retreat

Winter is a good time to reflect, compost and process everything from the past season. This 3 day retreat focuses on detoxing all aspects of life, and dive into a different way to communing with self, others and the earth. Digital detox, herbal detox, silence practice, communication with the plant beings, pipe ceremony, wood fire sauna and more sacred ceremony allow you to remember who you truly are and re-becoming member of a larger collective. You can book private deep massage therapy, cranial sacral therapy or foot detox session.

Plan ahead your journey to wellness. Contact us for more information or book online now!

Retreat in 2016

Sustainable Wellness: Re-membering  –Nov 9-11, 2016


Sustainable Wellness: Sacred Feminine – October -10, 2016

Sustainable Wellness Oct 6-10

Retreat Venue and Accommodation Option

Engage in the deep healing works with the beautiful energy of the earth right here at OUR Ecovillage. In OUR Zero Mile Meal Eatery and Cob/Strawbale Healing Sanctuary we have a magical means of learning Hands-On and/or having private practitioner treatments – you will marvel at the hand-sculpted spaces of hobbit home like structures that create a sacred space for your retreat.  OUR Sustainable-Wellness Team (more info see OUR sustainable wellness team page) bring together decades of treatments and wellness practitioners in the Cowichan area for your journey towards transforming yourself; body, mind and spirit.

Located on the 25-acre permaculture farm, O.U.R Ecovillage is a sustainable/ ecological living demonstration site and education centre. This tranquil setting is just 45 minutes from Victoria. During your stay for the weekend, you will learn not only about ecological design and living (permaculture design), but also explore the deep dive into intentional relationship and village/community life. Permaculture design demonstration projects at the village:

  • composting toilet
  • grey-water/blackwater/rainwater/groundwater recycling
  • food-waste composting
  • homesteading skill
  • gratitude circle
  • farm to table mostly organic meals
  • each one teach one
  • responsibility = response-able