Posted on: November 23, 2017

We are so excited to bring functional and integrative medicine to the South Cowichan! With a team of doctors, nurse practitioners, and deep connection body workers….OUR Healing Sanctuary is open once again! Starting this November, OUR Healing Sanctuary is the new clinic of Marigold Functional medicine (Cowichan Valley location), with Functional Medicine Dr. Danièle Behn-Smith (MD, IFMCP) and Functional Medicine family nurse practitioner Carrie Ingersano (MS, FNP, IFMCP) practising two days a week. You can contact them through their website to book an appointment.

OUR beloved ‘Deep Issue’ massage therapist Estelle Sinclaire is offering bodywork with shamanic medicine and ancestral work support weekly.

Stay tuned for upcoming new offerings!

Family Systems Constellation work has been the highlight in both of our October and November, 1 Day Retreats. Experienced facilitator and trainer Jan Hull guided us through a deep healing journey to release trauma and internal conflict that we carried from generations back. Participants were amazed and impressed by the power of the constellation. OUR sustainable wellness team is now seeking people who are interested in diving deeper into this healing modality and is open to hosting a regular family systems constellation group in the South Cowichan. Contact us at to start a dialogue!


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