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OUR Ecovillage Public Tours

We invite you to come to visit us for a tour of the eco-village. There are two tour options available, the Guided Public Tour and the Self-guided Tour. Guided Public Tour The guided public tour begins with a one-hour educational PowerPoint presentation. This will include handouts, reference materials, networking, and Q&A time. From there we…
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January 22, 2018 0

OUR Farm & Food Production

Interested in taking a course in Farm and Food Production? Visit OUR Events page to see our current offerings. OUR Ecovillage has approximately nine acres in food production, including greenhouses, propagated gardens, food forests, animals areas and grazing space. As with all areas of our site, permaculture is always on our mind as we plan…
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January 22, 2018 0

OUR Permaculture

Interested in taking a course in Permaculture? Visit OUR Events page to see our current offerings. “Permaculture is a branch of ecological design, ecological engineering, and environmental design that develops sustainable architecture and self-maintained agricultural systems modeled from natural ecosystems.[1][2] The term permaculture (as a systematic method) was first coined by Australians Bill Mollison and…
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January 19, 2018 0

Spring Break Camp: Food, Farm and Forest

March 14 – March 21, 2020 Taught by: OUR Community of teachers  Location: OUR Ecovillage Time: Offsite Camp Hours 9:00am-3:00pm Onsite Camp Hours 9:00am-7:00pm (with optional evening program from 7:30-9:30pm) Cost (CAD) :$55.00 per day$400 for the full 8 day   Join us over March Break for a series of fun filled days of hands-on nature based…
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January 16, 2018 0

A Letter from Brandy: November 2014

And along comes the winter…after the fastest moving year I can remember, and so much intense learning–now we are working to bed down for the winter and go into a bit of hibernation after the holidays (yes we have to work full out now winterizing gardens and the land in order to be ready for…
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November 8, 2014 0

Guest Post: Year’s End Balance–Becoming a Vegetarian

BY SILVIA Di BLASIO **This guest post is just one interpretation of permaculture principles and largely refers to factory farming where animals are not treated well and massive amounts of carbon are produced. Raising and eating meat can be an ethical and sustainable part of a permaculture plan. There are many ways to approach permaculture…
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February 12, 2014 0

My Permaculture Adventure–Longing for the Shire

BY SILVIA Di BLASIO (image above: Hasi Eldib) “The world is indeed full of peril and in it there are many dark places. But still there is much that is fair. And though in all lands, love is now mingled with grief, it still grows, perhaps, the greater.” ~ J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the…
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October 28, 2013 0

Guest Blog: Marty’s Internship Experience

By Marty Hermanek My 8-week natural and community building internship at OUR Ecovillage changed my life in a way I never expected. I decided to take the internship because I was looking for inspiration in natural home building and I really wanted to know how I could build a custom home out of natural, non…
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August 26, 2013 0

Another Life is Possible–Life in the Shire (Guest Post)

Silvia and her family recently stayed at OUR Ecovillage for a few days, about which she wrote the following blog post, re-posted with permission. Thanks so much for coming to stay, and we’re looking forward to seeing you again, soon! To read more of Sylvia’s blog, click here. — Sometimes three days are enough to…
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August 22, 2013 0

Virtual Tour

Stone Raven Sculptures (one on either side of Arbor) Native Americans recognized that everything in the universe holds a deeper meaning. As a result, all objects and beings deserve one’s attention and respect. For some the Raven represents the constant change of forms and shapes. In Native American tradition, Raven is the guardian of both…
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