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Days of Healing & Introspection

Hello to all family and friends…..I am wanting to take another peek out into the wider world and check in with you all! The journey has been deep and rich and I am appreciating having most of my time with a bubble placed around me. Days of healing and introspection… even Freya and Trent seeming…
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July 15, 2014 0

First Post-Surgery Post

Hello family and friends…I am slipping in online for the first time (not sure if everyone realizes that my email and Facebook accounts have been handed over to OUR team, who are supporting me and my family along this journey)…. First off–my deepest gratitude: I am beyond amazed at the prayer circles near and far!!!…
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July 3, 2014 0

Courts Milking Their Power by Karen Selick

This article from the Vancouver Sun was forwarded to me by Sharon earlier this week… A must read if you have an interest in raw milk or cow shares! Do you want to sign a petition too? Check it: http://www.change.org/petitions/government-of-canada-legalize-raw-milk-2 Courts Milking Their Power by Karen Selick When you had breakfast this morning, did you…
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October 25, 2011 0

A New Place Called Cascadia

By Kirk Schlesinger, Food Production Team Intern Now that O.U.R. Insight Into GMOs Symposium has taken place, what have we learned and where do we go from here? First, the learning – and it was considerable!  An entire Saturday afternoon was devoted to an in-depth exploration of GMOs. Lisa Haché-Maguire, OUR lead symposium facilitator, summarized…
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October 1, 2011 0

Where to put my sadness…

The recent earthquake and subsequent tsunami and nuclear disaster in the North of Japan has brought the world together in a mix of sadness, fear and gratitude for every little bit of life we have. The feeling at the ecovillage is no different. In our council circles, check ins and meetings news of the recent…
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March 17, 2011 0

Uncovering GMOs

Over the past two months I have been involved in conversations surrounding the GE Apple being developed in BC’s Okanagan with some folks from GE free BC and other concerned local farmers, growers and producers. By engaging in this discussion, my discomfort with GMOs was cranked up a notch as I began to see that…
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February 2, 2011 0

Movie Monday: Awakening the Dreamer

This summer I had the privilege of partaking in a symposium called Awakening the Dreamer. It was a life changing experience that held me tightly in the pain of the planet while simultaneously giving me hope and an unthwartable ability to take action and move forward, without fear and anger. I consider this a rather…
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January 31, 2011 0

As the turtle turns

In which I examine the darkness beneath the light of a full moon eclipse.

December 22, 2010 0

O.U.R newest addition…

Today we introduce O.U.R. newest addition, Lisa Tilson who moved on site a couple of weeks ago and received the YMCA Youth Eco Internship here at OUR Ecovillage.

November 26, 2010 0