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2020 OUR Little Permie Kids Camp

2020 Little Permie Kids CampA Full Day Permaculture Camp for KidsPostponed This camp is for children accompanying parents taking part in the2020 Permaculture Design Certificate & Earth Activist Trainingincludes food and accommodation – dorm or camping.$475 CAD per child Sign up for Little Permie Kids Camp OUR Little Permie Kids Camp – A Permaculture Camp…
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October 11, 2019 0

OUR Little Permie Kids Camp

Daytime Kids Program For children unaccompanied by an adult– includes lunches and snacks$55 CAD per child per day or$190 CAD per child per week Full 15 Day Family Program For children accompanying parents taking part of the 2019 Permaculture Design Certificate & Earth Activist Training includes food and accommodation – dorm or camping.$475 CAD per…
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February 19, 2018 0


This is the year of ‘partnership’!! Some we have shifted and changed the paradigms within…..AND amazing new partnerships have been kicked off to herald in 2018 with a new feel. With spiritually inspired youth programs to full swing on “Closing the Loop on Affordable and Healthy Housing” (Federal Government) – OUR team has been working…
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February 10, 2018 0

OUR Permaculture

Interested in taking a course in Permaculture? Visit OUR Events page to see our current offerings. “Permaculture is a branch of ecological design, ecological engineering, and environmental design that develops sustainable architecture and self-maintained agricultural systems modeled from natural ecosystems.[1][2] The term permaculture (as a systematic method) was first coined by Australians Bill Mollison and…
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January 19, 2018 0

Ecological building and Just Biofiber

Ecological building workshop series with Just Biofiber building system 2 weeks of workshops and special events for builders and professionals on the cutting edge of sustainable building. What if the health and simplicity of natural buildings could be joined with the performance demands of high efficiency commercial buildings? This summer we will introduce a new…
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January 9, 2018 0


Here’s a question we are asked a lot around natural homes: ‘how much maintenance does it take?’ OR ‘How long does it last?’ While there are no simple answers to questions like that, we are currently revisiting OUR earliest buildings for some re-finishing. The Sanctuary was our first construction project- started in 2003. Since then…
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November 23, 2017 0

Look Who’s At OUR – And Honor The Shifts And Goodbye’s Newsletter

Well, reports about the arrival of spring have been greatly exaggerated. Cold weather and lots of rain continued to dominate the weather scene this month. But this hasn’t dampened the spirits of the OUR Ecovillagers and volunteers who have been leaning into spring with planting, greenhouse repairs, waste water treatment and deck construction and new…
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April 26, 2017 0

Big News from 2016 and Exciting Events in 2017!

IT FINALLY HAPPENED THIS YEAR…..always knew it would: CHAIR OF OUR ECOVILLAGE COOP BOARD  IT FINALLY HAPPENED THIS YEAR….and we always knew it would!  2016 is closing and we are counting OUR blessings not the least of which has been rolling over OUR Ecovillage Cooperative as the title holder as the amazing ownership model (land…
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January 14, 2017 0


Facebook event page for updated information: https://www.facebook.com/events/571494469682740/ Google map at bottom of the page! Starts at 9am: Mountain site of Shawnigan Dump Site of the ‘Dirty Dirt’ for a ceremony (480 Stebbings Road, just past the SRI sign). Traditional welcoming by local Elders, community representatives, and all those who gather/stand in honour of the Lands…
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February 23, 2016 0

The Mortgage Lands!

AT LONG, LONG LAST….. REPORT FROM THE FIELD TO FORK! — From EDUCATION AND OUTREACH and FARM MANAGER. If I have heard one statement repeated the most around OUR ECOVILLAGE – it might be “we are almost there!”.  i can only tell you that it feels almost surreal to have ARRIVED!!  At least at the…
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September 8, 2015 0