Tchau Marius, we’ll miss you!

Tchau Marius, we’ll miss you!

February 22, 2011 Uncategorised 0

Marius & JayThis weekend we said goodbye to an amazing friend. Marius emailed us in the dead of winter requesting to come and volunteer on site. I say ‘dead of winter’ because he was willing to stay in a TENT in the WINTER and VOLUNTEER on site. As I’m sure you know, housing is rather tight on site when the whether isn’t conducive to camping, and this is often the limiting factor for how many people we can accommodate during the winter months. So, since Marius was willing to stay in a TENT how could we say no?

Marius arrived in early January after 10 months of working mostly outdoors on his exploration of BC and Alberta. He came to Canada from Germany on a working visa to see the country he vividly remembered from visiting as a child. Upon arrival at the village, instead of a TENT in Taj II, he scored a warm(ish) bed in the trailer of a returning intern who hadn’t returned yet. However, the most amazing thing was though was not how willing he was to be cold, but how he arrived in the evening and was up the next day digging trenches with the building team, laughing and joking like he had been there the whole time.

And this is how it was working with Marius in any capacity from on the building team to in the kitchen. These were the words that resounded around the heart circle the Friday night before we all said goodbye… Marius fit right in, worked hard, laughed hard and played hard the whole time he was here.

His caring, kindness and steadiness leave a big, gaping hole in the community that will only shrink with time. We’ll miss you Marius, and hope to see you again one day soon!


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