The day we have all been waiting for….

The day we have all been waiting for….

April 29, 2011 Uncategorised 0

Today is officially the day after the final frost date. According to Meg, the final frost date is April 28th. Before then, the unplanted trees in pots live in the greenhouse. They are crowded and too tall.

Potted Trees

Now is the time where all of the potted trees get to go out to the world because we aren’t worried about them anymore. Most of them will be planted this summer 😉 But we all know how that goes.

This week is also the first week that we have begun eating all of our salads from the greenhouse. Which means that Marisa doesn’t buy lettuce anymore (I’ll admit, she’s been buying lettuce for me because I have a thing about salads with no lettuce.)

Baby Lettuce

Lettuce Plants

AND Kate (you know about Kate) told me a cool story today… on March 15th she planted faithfully planted fava beans. It was a bit late in the season, but she thought she’d try. Much to her dismay, a month past and the bed remained empty. Just as she was about to lose all hope for the poor little beans planted too late, this weekend, the bed exploded… She’s pretty happy about that.

Fava Bed Explosion

But if it frosts… which it kind of did this morning… look out.


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