EDE – Ecovillage and Ecological Living Design Certificate

5 Weeks of Comprehensive Training

July 17th to August 2nd, 2020

At OUR EDE, we will teach you how to design communities and ecovillages as “living community centres” and as adaptation models for climate change and social justice in a new global paradigm.​

The Ecovillage Design Education curriculum was an official contribution to the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development 2005-2014, and is ratified as part of the Global Ecovillage Network and is given full Certification through GAIA Education International.

Inspiration and training for being a response-able catalyst for regeneration

OUR Ecovillage is the only place in the world to get

✓ Permaculture Design Certificate and Earth Activist Training 

✓ The Ecovillage Design Education Certificate

All in ONE course!

What is the Ecovillage Design Education Program?

Learn permaculture from the experts by beginning with our Permaculture Design Certificate and how you can actually live and work in an ecovillage by being given leadership projects in our village after your course, applying your skills in a real life permaculture educational demonstration site.

O.U.R. Ecovillage’s Ecovillage and Ecological Design” (EDE) joins with the Global Ecovillage Network to also teach the “Training of Trainers” and “Sustainable Development Goals” as part of the United Nations priorities for sustainability. Join us to deepen our community frameworks to create healthier systems which foster models of resilience and regeneration for processes/people/places for living into a shared collective future!

The full EDE course includes the entire contents of the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) and the Earth Activist Training (EAT) in the first 16 days with Starhawk, which will be followed by 18 days of curriculum to complete the EDE with international Permaculture & Ecovillage Designers and Facilitators and is lead by a core teaching team at OUR ECOVILLAGE.

Get a solid grounding in the biophysical (soils, growing, buildings, energy) and the Design Process in the Permaculture Design Certificate. That will be enriched by the Earth Activist Training being woven through the PDC, which will bring more of the social aspects to the curriculum.

That will be further rounded out and contextualized by the Ecovillage Design Program, so that after completion of the full 5-week programme, you have a solid frame of awareness and possibility to guide and inspire your path forward as a response-able community member.

If you are OUR ECOVILLAGE PDC alumni or have taken PDC with Starhawk, you are welcome to join ONLY the 2nd part of the EDE from July 17th to August 2nd, 2020

For further inquiry, send us an email at info@ourecovillage.org

If you are new to the OUR ECOVILLAGE PDC you are welcome to join join us for both the 2020 Permaculture Design Certification & Earth Activist Training with Starhawk from June 26th -July 12th, 2020 and follow up with this EDE from July 17th to August 2nd.

For further inquiry, send us an email at info@ourecovillage.org

The curriculum is designed for the place where it is offered.

We have a programme for this course that was custom made for OUR Ecovillage by world-class curriculum designers, who will be with you in person to facilitate the course.

To view EDE learning outcomes click here
To study the EDE curriculum further, click here

This course is designed and facilitated as an immersed learning experience, meaning you will be living and working on a Permaculture farm and Ecovillage while you learn how farm and what it takes to build an ecovillage yourself. We will be creating space to meet ourselves, within and without, and join together in hands-on activities, design exercises, lectures, discussions, exercises, games, videos, slide-shows, field trips and a final design project.

The programme will run all day with evening sessions about two thirds of the time. There will be time for movement throughout the day, as well as free time to be by yourself and to socialise, including a daily siesta time after lunch; to research in the library and online; days off for rest and integration, and a slow start on Sundays.

The second half of the program is designed for you to move into an intimate, participatory and relatively small learning community. You will collaborate and practice co-leadership with fellow learners, from curriculum scheduling to collective design projects. This teaching methodology embodies the “forming, storming, norming, performing” stages of all community building process that M. Scott Perk elaborated in his book “Different Drum; Community Making and Peace” as an experiential learning opportunity.

Our intention is to support you in deepening your understanding and practice of the art of regenerative design, becoming a pro-active village building ambassador of what is possible. We will examine the underlying assumptions of the current culture of consumerism and economic globalization, and encourage exploration of ways to contribute to the emergence of a culture of sustainability, compassion and equity.

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What makes OUR Ecovillage so special?

OUR land offers plenty of space to camp, dorms, private rooms, and interesting suites. There are diverse natural buildings to see and we have spaces for gatherings of different flavors: a large Yurt (great for circles and dancing), a large Community Classroom (for presentations), the Healing Sanctuary (for quiet conversation and meditation), many various natural buildings, the 150 person Zero Mile Eatery, and the Chillage (casual covered outdoor space). There are multiple types of indoor and outdoor showers, composting toilets. For some quiet time you can walk the labyrinth, sit by the pond or take a walk in the woods. You will likely see chickens, ducks, sheep, cows, deer, and much more. You may find a large straw-bale house halfway built and different coloured glass within the unfinished walls.

OUR courses are unique from almost all others as you are stepping into OUR ECOVILLAGE – a 25 acre “Sustainable Living Demonstration Site and Education Centre” and one of the most built out permaculture projects in North America.

For 20 years Our Ecovillage has been working towards “Lawful Permaculture”; having every innovative design and building project that we have created also be fully zoned, permitted & approved by regulatory officials. 

Through partnering with all 3 levels of government, business & corporate sponsors, academia, and the grassroots of the wider community and it’s organizations; at OUR we bring together a range of professionals, permaculture teachers, regulatory folks, and technical stakeholders ready to train others in the next stages of how permaculture projects can become fully legal – like OURS!For 

OUR Ecovillage 20th Anniversary

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