I know what kind of interview I’m going to have with Jorden when I ask him what kind of previous skills he brings to the programme and look up to find him with his eyelids flipped inside out, wiggling his ears. Lucky I looked up when I did, he says, cause he can only do it a couple of times in a row.

Jorden grew up in LloydmInster which is between Alberta and Saskatchewan (assuredly more on the Saskatchewan side, he tells me), where he remained until he was 18, when he went away to college about an hour outside of Red Deer, AB. From there, he moved on to greener pastures at the U of A in Edmonton where he studied physical education and then finally settled on physiotherapy. So how did he get from there… to here?

Well, he caught the west coast bug after doing the West Coast Trail and found himself cramming his Edmonton life into the back of his car relocating to Victoria, where he’s been ever since. Its no wonder the west coast was so appealing to an environmental activist, from Alberta! Here, he began working with the Western Canada Wilderness Committee and the BC Sustainable Energy Association, organizing rallies and learning a lot about sustainable energy. It was around about this point that the negative bent on the environmental activism community started to come to light for him. He saw how most of the focus rests on trying to get other groups to do something, or stop doing something, and while these methods are important and necessary, he wanted a way to do the work that was more empowering. Enter permaculture.

Jorden did the a mini permaculture internship with Brandon Bauer on Saltspring in 2009 followed by his PDC with Jesse Lemieux at Pacific Permaculture in 2010. After doing his pdc, he realized he had a lot of knowledge and theory and felt like he needed to be applying it somehow, which is what brings him to O.U.R. Ecovillage for a 6 month internship in Sustainable Food Production.

When Jorden isn’t being bossed around directed by Kate (who actually turns out to be quite the task master) in the garden, you might find him on his bike, on a trail, or biting bullets at a shooting range where he is preparing to get a little closer to the food he eats.

He has yet to display any of the super hero qualities he alluded to in previous communications… the eyelid thing was pretty cool though.