Movie Monday: The Mother

Movie Monday: The Mother

May 9, 2011 Uncategorised 0

At the Ecovillage I have experienced my femininity as honoured and revered. As I connect more deeply to myself as a woman, I feel not only the support of the women onsite through our Women’s circle, but the support of the men around me to sink into my essence as a woman.

Last thursday, we sat together in a gender circle, where we met one another as masculine and feminine essences and were listened to and supported. I found it to be an incredibly powerful and moving experience to first sit, enveloping the men with our nurturing and powerful bond as the feminine essence, and then to sit in a circle with my women, enclosed in a circle of support by our men. Within the circles we were all encouraged to express our beauty and creativity, sweetness and power through a council among each other, as men and women.

And now, mothers day. A day where the women on-site, young and old, who are all capable of the ultimate expression of creativity -mothering – whether that be of children, vision, or community are treated to fineries prepared by the men. Quite a sweet token of their appreciation!

Here is a message to all of the women of the earth, from the conscious men of the earth, striving to bring balance to our planet.


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