Travel – Community – Connection By Ana

Travel – Community – Connection By Ana

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For many people travelling is about discovery. Discovering, learning and enjoying… all of them should be in anybody’s travelling experiences.

However, there is one that is number one for me: Connection.

Connection is what made me a nomad for more than 3 years.

Everything for me is about connection. Life in general, not only travelling.

Hello everyone, my name is Ana and I live now in Vancouver Island. My connection with Canadian friends (we met each other in Cambodia) and OUR Ecovillage, brought me to this part of the world.

Travelling around the world, I have come to realise that if we are not connected with the planet, the place we are living at that specific moment, the people around us, it’s going to be very difficult to really have a life experience when travelling, to really go deeper in getting to know a place or the people you are surrounded by.

    “There is nothing more mindful than travelling and connecting.”

Think about it for a second: you are really present in that place. You are enjoying that moment, the experience or project you have decided to join. You are talking and paying real attention to new people. You are discovering for the first time the land that you are walking on.

You are connecting mindfully, and things start happening that show you how travelling gives you the opportunity to grow as a person.

Short story about Travel-Community-Connection

OUR Ecovillage is the place where I’ve been living since the beginning of September. 3 months later, without planning, I saw on their FB page a video about OUR Ecovillage by Rob Greenfield.

Suddenly, the word connection took an even stronger meaning.

The world showed me that a person who has been inspiring me for over a couple of years (Rob Greenfield), has shared with his world that the place where I’m living at this specific moment, is a place to know, experience and support!! 😉

Don’t you think that the word connection takes on a deeper level? I do! 😉

A year ago, I exchanged emails with Rob because I wanted him to know that I wanted to tell the followers on my blog how inspiring he was for me. I wanted people to know about everything he was trying to learn and achieve. And here I was years after, watching his video about the place I’m living in the other side of the world.

Earth is a small planet and everything is connected… And I love it!

So, if you are lacking connection in your life, if you are lacking inspiration or mindfulness, please think about getting out of your super known comfort zone and get out in this amazing world, with incredible people like Rob Greenfield or the community at OUR Ecovillage.

Let connections take you to a different level in life.


Ana Gómez


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