Welcome Mike & Kate!

Welcome Mike & Kate!

March 16, 2011 Uncategorised 0

Mike Cloutier and Kate Rustemeyer are O.U.R. brand new continuing food production interns (with the intention of moving into the Garden Manager position when the time is right) who were interviewed on New Year’s Eve, 2010 at O.U.R. In that moment, right before they hurled themselves headlong into a transformative journey to aid in Haiti, the two of them sat amidst our pre-new years celebration and didn’t stand out a bit (mainly cause Kate was wearing wool and is a knitter) and we knew. We knew they would be O.U.R.’s

Besides their many years of combined experience in permaculture, csa’s, organics and international sustainable agriculture (which you will read all about on the people page, the two of them come here with something that is treasured in a garden like O.U.R.’s – hearts set on community.

Mike and Kate showed up on Tuesday, to our tiny little soil blocks with the promise of seeds on their way to sprouts and a whole lot of work ahead to prepare for the amazing food production courses that they will be organizing with the Garden Team this spring and summer. The next day, they were right down to it; I heard murmors of root days and leaf days, soil drainage and irrigation. I have to say, from the sounds of these kids hamming it up about the garden, and the sweet looks of bliss on the faces of Meg and Erica as they handed all of the preparation over to the newbees….

Mike & Kate

Mike and Kate really know what they’re doing. Even though they’ll never admit it. Welcome to the village!


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