Today we are saying bu-bye to a woman who is going to take herself amazing places.

Her name is “Erika-with-a-k” Schade and she came here to apply for an intern position on the Social Finance Team in December. Somehow though, she found herself in an interview for the Green Burial Project Assistant Internship instead, siting that she would rather work with people that spreadsheets. Then, all in one weekend she moved her whole darn self and life from Vancouver to the Cow Valley to start work the next Monday.

Thing is, the level of commitment she displayed in this winning move is nothing compared to the professionalism, discretion, discernment and conscientiousness she exuded in spearheading the Green Burial Initiative at OUR over the past months. In fact, every task she took on, she took to heart and made it her business to see that it was done right and left complete. Her work was beautifully heart centred, sacred and authentic which was clear in her flawless orchestration of the Green Burial Conservation Scattering Grounds Dedication Ceremony, the grande finale and send off of all her hard work into the wider world.

And really, this is only the half of it. She leads a dynamic life full of love, creativity and passion. She has her own jewelry design business – Erika Lauren Design that she started in 2009, which reflects in 3d her attention to detail, her grasp of beauty, authenticity and sacredness in art. And I’ve heard murmurs of Artemis inspired activities including bows and arrows and moving to far away places to speak far away languages.

Working and playing with this woman was a pleasure and we hope she’ll keep coming back to visit. She’ll be dearly missed by every single villager on-site.

*photo cred goes to Erica Breau… and Erika’s website