Wellness Update – Sensitive Dance Returns

Wellness Update – Sensitive Dance Returns

Posted on: November 14, 2018

By Gracelynn Lau

With the exception of a retreat on Quadra Island in 2006, Claude has never offered organized introductory classes and weekend training on the West Coast. Founder of Sensitive Dance®, Claude has developed professional training curriculum and year-long programs for theatre students, teachers, bodywork and somatic practitioners in Germany, Belgium, Italy and France. We are beyond grateful that our friends Patrick and Marisa Jackson follow their calling to bring Claude to Vancouver Island, and offer this weekend workshop at O.U.R so folks in the Cowichan Valley can have this rare opportunity to be introduced to Sensitive Dance® without having to fly to Europe!

Patrick’s first encounter with Sensitive Dance® happened in Milan, Italy during his training in Shiatsu with the European Shiatsu Institute 13 years ago. Patrick was a dancer, aerial artist and actor working full-time with movement techniques in various disciplines. Over a weekend workshop, Patrick discovered that it was possible to move and to be moved by something that is emergent and laden with belonging and meaning. “Once my impatience with that practice subsided enough that I could relax into simply being, the experience of listening with every fibre of my being to the messages of my body began to offer me a new dimension of myself. From this peaceful, powerful and resonant space, I had the opportunity to witness other participants and see them as an expression of Life in movement,”said Patrick. Since then, bodywork became an integral part of how he made sense of life and the ups and downs of becoming.

Claude will facilitate an introductory lecture and 2 weekend workshops in the Cowichan Valley. The one at O.U.R Ecovillage will be on Nov 16- 18 for everyone who wish to awaken a sensitive presence in the body and let the dance emerge as naturally as we breath. All level of experience in movement and dance welcomed.

Only a few spots left. Click here to find out more about Claude Coldy and to register for the workshop.