When A Tree Becomes A Home

When A Tree Becomes A Home

July 23, 2011 Uncategorised 0

Have you ever gotten excited about timber frame?


I know it sounds like a completely random thought and for most, there is bound to be a quizzical look upon your face. But I know most builders out there are grinning from ear to ear and totally get what I’m talking about!

At this very moment I am in awe of timber, timber framing, and the craftsmanship required to milling a log into a beam and precisely create it’s joints in preparation for use in a building.

Taking this…

and making it into this….

is pretty awe inspiring!

Traditional timber frame is not often seen on everyday building sites. So when you happen to be working beside it and see it in almost every building here at  OUR Ecovillage,  you begin to fall in love with this beautiful work.

The love and dedication to this craft, I’m sure, runs deep through anyone who has ever picked up a mallet and chisel. It’s beauty, and power can be felt as wood is chipped away, little bit by little bit with absolute precision.  This hand crafted perfection creates a tight fit between the tenon and mortise, holding a buildings worth of weight all with a total of 5 pieces of wood; two beams, one brace, and two pegs.

As with anything, time really is the deciding factor if something is worth keeping around.  Time and time again, the weathering and hands of father time have proven this.  Cathedrals, palaces, and homes are a testament that this ‘old world’ method of construction will always be there, even after the latest building fad has faded.  A reminder that not everything needs to be done as fast as possible and with love, dedication and a skillful hand, anything can be built, if your heart wills it!



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