Where to put my sadness…

Where to put my sadness…

March 17, 2011 Uncategorised 0

The recent earthquake and subsequent tsunami and nuclear disaster in the North of Japan has brought the world together in a mix of sadness, fear and gratitude for every little bit of life we have. The feeling at the ecovillage is no different. In our council circles, check ins and meetings news of the recent developments are offered, and we all sit with the weight of the message on our shoulders. We, who live in a place that is supposed to be the answer to these sorts of issues.

But even here, where we farm, work together to build relationships and strive for sustainable lifestyles, we feel how the ‘idea’ of ‘ecovillage’ slips beyond our grasp. There is always interfacing with the rest of the world through fund-raising, challenging legal structures, and creating precedents, and every one of us finds ourselves wrapped up in these heady tasks, hands far from the soil and food that we need to survive.

If this tragedy, just across the ocean, has brought my attention to anything it is how I might continue to keep our hands in the soil, so to speak, even as I work with the rest of the village to change the social structures that have continued to exist beyond their time. I am reminded to take walks, spend time in the gardens, hold the hands of the children and friends and feel the life around me vibrating with health. Then, I feel the need to drop into the depths of my being to feel the fear and sadness about what might be coming next, and let it fall from me to be absorbed back into the earth from where it came. From this space, held in the universe, I have the courage continue with my purpose here, more whole and aware than I was before, knowing that I could be welcoming the dance with my own mortality at any moment.

I guess that I am reminded that all of this, the pain, the sadness, the courage, the strength, the seeking, the love is actually what my life is all about. I’m so grateful for this life!


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