Posted on: February 27, 2019

This is the first Newsletter of 2019, and we are super excited! 

There is so much to tell, and already we are almost 2 months into the new year. With a well-deserved break we took (somewhat enforced) over the holidays/year-end, we managed to survive the storms quite well despite the losses of power, losses of internet and many trees down on the land and even on buildings — not to mention the FIRE on the evening that the dogs woke us up by barking to save us from a potentially much bigger disaster. This winter has brought so many opportunities for us to think about climate crisis planning and emergency preparedness with the changes that are being faced by the people and planet of today.

As we moved through the new year, we also had a huge goodbye. After 14 years of treatment and incredible personal healing – Bill Blount the former farmer and owner of the lands of OUR ECOVILLAGE ended his life in an incredible and loving goodbye. After 22 years of knowing Bill – I assisted him as his ‘Medical Representative’ in his Conscious Death and in his commitment to OUR Green Burial Project when he elected to pass from this world and passed with support from the medical community as he wished — with love and dignity. A most beautiful journey over these decades and now it feels as though Bill is everywhere here all the time, watching over the peoples and land of OUR ECOVILLAGE.

And we all continue to move deeper into relationship. There is a term used which I heard one of OUR Coop members bring in years ago — to ‘husband the land.’ I ‘got it’ as a concept but did not have a sense of what that would really mean in these days and times when so many people in the ‘modern’ culture have no tie to any place or even at times even to other people; as being on the move from one location to another is the usual design. Whether for jobs, getting ‘more of something,’ or romance; North America is predominantly a culture of folks who never stay in one place, in a committed way, or have long term relationships with people/processes of their community – and certainly not as a lifelong intention. This is the opposite a path of VILLAGE BUILDING! And certainly a 180 from what happens at OUR ECOVILLAGE where, especially as of the last year, we have worked full out towards creating deeply lasting and lifetime focused relationships. 

This year, with this in mind, we each ‘Married the Land.’ With a committed path forward for people/place/processes of ‘Village Building’ – 5 of us honoured the blessings that were bestowed upon us 20 years ago by leadership from the Cowichan Tribes Elders ….and committed. Because we are deeply engaged in building a village — we betrothed OURselves to the land. What does this mean? Well, each step helps us to understand this OURselves! To simply not be a ‘leaver’, to not ‘shop’ for next opportunities, to fully jump in with OUR hearts/abilities/investment/and possibilities; which means we are all willing to walk together towards a new cultural commons creating! We have huge love in OUR hearts as we work and live together…

All of this transition certainly has so much woven into OUR Ecovillage”s 20th Anniversary! This whole year we are doing monthly activities; free cob workshops, celebrations, gatherings, conferences, the Natural Building Colloquium, an Intentional Communities Conference for North America (September 6-8th; let us know if you are interested), and so much more. If you are a past participant/student/intern, volunteer, staff, Coop member, CSA customer, a school connected parent/teacher, stakeholder, partner, funder, or anyone else who feels they are in this relationship with us — this year is for you! We intend to honour all of us, each of you, and those who have passed to the next realm this year with full heart and possibility! 2 decades of transformation through chopping wood and carrying water is no small feat. We are wonderfully excited to share all of this with all of you. This is your year to understand why “Village is a Verb” and come on out to play with OUR community