Why we adore OUR Ecovillage CSA Lifestyle program

Why we adore OUR Ecovillage CSA Lifestyle program

Posted on: March 26, 2019

By CSA Member Shirley Astleford

Even though it is for a short time, visiting OUR farm is a highlight of each week. Our children come with me to pick up most weeks because they want to. On the way up the mountain, which is a short 8 minute drive from home, We chat about last weeks favorites and story tell:

“Remember the time…. our dog liberated that super tasty loaf of bread before we unpacked?” (we have to guard the foodbox from our family animals until we decide what to share with them).

“Remember the time we pulled the car over before we arrived home so we could reach more snacks for the rest of the journey?”

We enjoy viewing the farm animals and their progress from the parking area. Who has new babies this week, how big they are getting and how they are changing. The people we meet are always ready with a smile and kindness. Being in the presence of the Cobb buildings and truly open spaces and people surrounding them is a happy experience. We always eat in the car on the way home with glad grins and anticipation of what we will make in the week to come.

Thankfully, there are recipes tailored to the box ingredients so if we ever wonder how best to serve any of the items…. that is included too. We often share food with others in our home and community. Most comments are along the lines of WOW this is the best ….(insert item) I’ve ever had. We appreciate the quality and freshness of OUR local foodbox.

Eating from the bounty of our own lands is truly nourishing. As a member of this CSA, I feel much more connected to my food then when I purchase at the grocery store with the added bonus of zero extra packaging and supporting sustainable farming.

I have been with the CSA program for two years and am looking forward to the coming year with a giant smile on my face. Winning all around with this action!

I forgot to add: We call it our “surprise box.”

Their classic tomatillo jam is now legendary in our house!