(Y)OUR kids this Summer

(Y)OUR kids this Summer

May 30, 2012 Community 0

What an incredible summer ahead for children, youth and families….there is a little for everyone! OUR ECOVILLAGE is very excited to host such a wide range of workshops, courses, events and camps for children and youth – who can even bring their parents along if desired. With a focus on “Sustainable Living and Ecological Wellbeing” OUR Learning Community is hosting a variety of teachers, camps, and custom programming. Whether your interests are African Dance, Eco-Activities (earthen building/design, nature crafts, native plant harvesting, etc), or the intuitive/creative process of “Wild Arts” – you can mix and match your interests. We have something for everyone.

The big difference this summer is a major focus on “Permaculture Design as a Sustainable Family Affair”! We have paired OUR second Permaculture Design Certification/E.A.T. (Earth Activist Training) with Starhawk, which is for youth and adults, with a matching dates two week children (age 6-11) WILD ARTS day camp. This allows families to finally participate in the wonderful option of bringing their children and have them included in their ‘permaculture perspective possibilities’…….and meeting every night for dinner to talk over all of the magical ways of creating an ecological life and look over your children as they spend their days learning from meaningful activities and joyful evenings. Evening programs have crossover of programming as well.

AUGUST 6th – 10th 2012 Earth Dance Children’s Camp

OUR longstanding Earth Dance Camp is back again with a bang! With a creative coalition of “MoonDance Dynamic Arts School“,”Woodruff School“, and OUR ECOVILLAGE Eco-Education team….there is a week of dance, music, marimba’s, earth-building, nature loving, heart circles, and more fun that you can imagine. With an option for 4 days of mornings only….or a ‘Farm Kids” option for the holiday Monday and afternoons all week (eco-activities that you can even jump in on with your child – but be prepared to get down and dirty!) This program was also just nominated for an ‘Outstanding Contributor Award’ to children.

AUGUST 13th – 24th 2012 Wild Arts Children’s Summer Camp

*This program is created as a two week camp but either week could be taken on its own.

This summer OUR focus is on “Permaculture Design as a Sustainable Family Affair”! Having both EAT and WILD ARTS Day Camp run at the same time allows families to connect again on a deeper more sustainable level as they get a chance to live, work, play and learn together.
Wild Arts will be engaging kids to explore and stretch their intuitive and creative power, experience increased joy, confidence, self trust and freedom of expression. Intuitive creative play will help kids find their authentic expression and the roles they want to explore within the context of bringing this village to life. Throughout the 2 weeks we’ll be doing painting, drawing, building, bouncing, dancing, LARPing (Live Action Role Playing), costume and mask making, ceramics, printmaking, Jedi training, pattern making and temporary tattoos, medicine making, game playing and more.

We are also finalizing a July camp so stay tuned!!

Also, good to know is that with all OUR camps families can also book to stay onsite and camp or be in OUR B & B accommodations. Reserve your all day meal plan or just book in for lunch in OUR new “Zero Mile Meal Eatery”.

If you have another idea for your family, your school, your community program please let us know at info@ourecovillage.org or call us at 250 743 3019.

OUR Learning Community will custom craft options for your needs and learning hopes in very creative ways!

Looking forward to fun in the sun……


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